Issues with Grand Cru/Futures? K&L?

About 2 weeks ago, I bought 2 bottles of 2012 Mouton from K&L on futures. I happened to read an article yesterday about how Mouton lowered their price this year, and went back and did a search on At least 7 other places had a cheaper price (at the time of purchase, no one was offering on wine-searcher), several by $20-40/bottle.

In any case, I went to online chat yesterday, looking to see if they would price match. No one ever answered, and so I tried to send it to them (using their system) so they could read it and respond when non one was available. I did not receive a response, and so below is my chat session - the operator cut me off mid-typing. In any case, you’ll see her comments (highlighted if I did it correctly) as to Grand Cru and their futures. I was wondering if any of you know what she’s talking about, or if you’ve had any issues with them:

Need help with futures purchase.

Call accepted by operator Melissa Smith. Currently in room: Melissa Smith, Bill.

Melissa Smith:
How can I help?
I had tried this yesterday, but no one responded online. I thought I sent the request, but did not receive an answer. In any case, here is my issue:
I recently placed order # ____________ with you, and was a bit disappointed to find that literally everyone else is selling the same bottles for $30-40 cheaper. I am hoping you might be willing to price match. I can give you links if that’s helpful.
Melissa Smith:
Ah, unfortunately we are unable to price match, however our reputation exceeds all other online companies that deal in futures.
Melissa Smith:
Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Well, I appreciate that, but I have purchased from you and from others who are priced less and have had no issues. I’d like to ask you to reconsider, as I’m not sure the reputation is equivalent to the charge.
Melissa Smith:
I’m sorry, the only company I see offering it in the US for less than us is Premier Cru, and we are not willing to do what they do in order to make a sale.
I’m not sure what you mean by “we are not willing to do what they do in order to make a sale,” but here’s a link showing multiple companies that are less: Where to buy 2012 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Pauillac | prices & local stores in USA
Melissa Smith:
I am on that site right now, I’ve heard of none of the other companies besides Wally’s and JJ Buckleys.
Well, I’m not sure what to tell you. I’ve worked with both of them, Grand Vin, Zachy’s, etc. Candidly, looking at this today, it appears that prices have started to go up because when I tried to get help yesterday, Grand Vine was at $349. I don’t recall where Wally’s or JJ Buckley was, and I dodn’t even reva;; seeing Zachy’s yesterday.
Melissa Smith:
I can appreciate you wanting the best price, but we stand by our reputation and our prices.
Well, at $80 for 2 bottles, I don’t value your reputation as highly as you do. Frankly, as a consumer, my value of your reputation is paramount. If this had been a 2 month old order, or less recent offering, I could appreciate your position. Unfortunately, though, I will have to take my business elsehwre in the future. FWIW, I spend ~$____ a year on wine, and have only started buying from you in any significance recently. To my recollection, I have never purchased futures from you, so I don’t even know if your “reputation” is deserved from that perspective.
Melissa Smith:
I see that you purchased the 2009 Lagrange, and 2010 Langoa Barton from us.
Melissa Smith:
I wish you all the best, we will notify you as soon as your bottles arrive.

Just ask them for a refund. I have never had a problem with it. K&L rarely has the best prices but it is worth something for their service and reliability. There is no surprise in what you posted - I would not expect them to price match.

Exactly. If it’s a futures order and you haven’t accepted delivery, cancel the order (assuming no cancellation/restocking fees) and place the order with a lower cost supplier.

Whay are you buying 2012 futures? Because I can’t imagine anyone running out of the 750mls any time soon…


Next time the price goes up after you purchase futures, are you going to call and insist on paying more?

Different retailers get wines like this on futures at different prices, depending on their sources for the wines. Even when a wine like 2012 Mouton is finally released, wine-searcher prices will vary as well.

The time to do comparison shopping is before you make a purchase. In my view, it’s somewhat unreasonable to expect a retailer to cut you a deal AFTER you’ve made the purchase, especially when you’ve only bought two (2) bottles of something.


I may sound harsh, you did (or should have) done research at the time and agreed to pay a price for goods. Now you have buyers remorse. I can think of over a hundred times I have agreed to purchase wine from a retailer and later (minutes, hours, days, week, years) found it cheaper. I don’t think it is appropriate to back out of a deal. But you are welcome to ask for a refund at whatever terms you can. FWIW, I would actually pay higher prices for futures at K&L versus some other stores. Easily!

Asking for the price match was, I guess, harmless. However, the conversation should have been over when the answer was “No.”

This reminds me of the old celebrity line “Don’t you know who I am?”

Bottom line, you have buyers remorse and want to beat them up until they see it your way. I disagree.

By the way, you probably would’ve got more sympathy (or a little) if you hadn’t had posted this in the Wine Pimps forum.

unless they have a stated “price guarantee for X number of days”… pricing is fluid… it went down…
no harm in asking, but the tone leaves much to be desired…


they’re supposed to do the work for you and price match once you realize other retailers have lower prices?

do your research before you buy, you have no one to blame but yourself

Just want to add (and i have no affiliation) that K&L is remarkable in every way. I’ve never had any issues with them.

Usually, if you ask for a refund, they’ll agree to give 100% refund, but only if you take it in store credit.

I’m not sure why you threatened to boycott them in the future if they failed to price match for you post-purchase. I’m not aware of any retailer who will price match post-purchase, so if that is your criteria for boycott, and you boycott all retailers who don’t price match post-purchase, you may find it difficult to find a retailer who meets your criteria.

Also, a phone call may be easier to do these type of discussions…

I also have enjoyed my dealings with K&L. Buying futures is not that different from buying stocks, once the deal is done, it is done. I would not have stated I spend $XXX.

Why are you even posting this?

Just cancel the order and move on…

You ordered your wine, and you have it promised. If the price went down, that is the risk you take when ordering futures. K&L is under no obligation to give you a lower price.

What everyone else said. Of all wine retailers in existence, K&L is the least deserving of getting slammed.

I don’t like the price I paid for aapl

I want to buy at today’s price.

K&L rarely have the best prices, although Wally’s and Twenty-Twenty are worse. But it is a first class operation. They always deliver and their auctions are pretty cool as well.