ISO: temp. controlled wine cellar 100+ capacity, NY/NJ area

A friend is looking for a nicely used unit to augment his passive cellar. Anyone have anything of interest?


I have a 300 bottle unit that works nicely Mike that I no longer use, but shipping might be too costly to the East Coast. No, the temperature gauge does not only move to the left. [dance2.gif]

But the door swings right, right? [gen_fro.gif]
How old, and how much? Which name?
Youre in Philly, no? Thats doable.


Awww…so cute how they make up and stuff…


Keep an eye on Craigslist. I just picked up a Eurocave Confort Vieillitheque with about 180 bottle capacity in pretty good shape yesterday that I found for $450 to augment my cellar, Vinotemp, and Magic Chef units.

Here’s a sample -

sweet deal.

Agreed! Unless it became a “scratch and dent” after it “fell off the truck”…hmmm.

Is Amcor a Eurocave product? I didn’t know that.

Mike - saw David Cohen at dinner on Tuesday night. He has a unit he wants to sell. I think it may have been 300 capacity.

Thanks Cheryl. I will reach out.

This is on eBay right now. It is in Jersey|65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50" onclick=";return false;

Philly??? Not for 18 years. I live in Arizona, the Red State. Thus my comment that shipping would likely be prohibitive.