ISO: SQN Allocation

Im interested if anyone is passing on their SQN allocation that came out yesterday.

Still on the waiting list personally, purchasing for personal cellar/consumption.

Hi Nicholas - I got my first allocation the other day after 10 years of waiting. I plan on buying the full allocation either way (3+3, 3), but it would help my wallet a bit if I were to split. I live in NC, but was planning to have it shipped directly to Domaine Storage or Vinfolio. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in

Edit: None left

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If Nicholas isn’t interested let me know. I’m also in NC and may be interested in something like 1 of each bottle and can arrange to pick up from you whenever.

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@sean_g thank you for the offer, I think @T0ny_Dr13r is a better fit considering he is local for the split case.