ISO Richmond VA Tasting Group

Going out on a limb, but not much more to add… Trying to maximize opportunities for new wine experiences. BDX, Piedmont, WA Cab, OR/CA Pinot, Chanpagne…

Hey Andrew - did you have any luck finding a tasting group? I’ve been in Richmond 2 years now and am still getting my bearings. I’ve found a couple likeminded folks but am always game for more. My collection is predominantly California (Napa/Sonoma) / Italy (Tuscany / Sicily) / Virginia, but I’m interested in exploring some of the same regions you note more myself.

Hey Stephen / Andrew - I just moved to Richmond from NYC and would like to find some folks into wine. Would you be interested in setting something up? I mostly collect Barolo/Barbaresco.


Welcome to Richmond! Love it down here. Andrew and I did end up meeting, and I’m still alive to tell about it so I’ll call that a win. Quite a few bottles however haven’t been so lucky. I think you probably just spoke the magic words for Andrew, and I definitely won’t turn down good Nebbiolo either. I’m heading out of town to Sonoma Friday for a couple weeks, so perhaps we find a time later in June? Shoot me a PM and I’ll loop you in for our next foray.


I think we’re gonna get along just fine…

I’ve been in Richmond for 6 years but just finding this site. Finally have a place to cellar my wine and so collection is growing. Mostly CdP and Bordeaux. I would love to be kept in the loop for any meetups. I’m in the near west end.

PM me!