ISO/LTB: Bourbons & Ryes

Need to clear out bottles? Looking for the following…

Michter’s Barrel Strength - (have plenty of 2021)
Michters Toasted Rye
Michters Toasted Sour Mash
Michters Toasted Bourbon
Michters 10 year bourbon
Michters 10 year rye (All years except 2021 10 yr ryes)

Old Fitzgerald Decanter Series: Open to any year.
Really looking for another 14, 15, 16, and 17

Wild Turkey dusties.

EH Taylor Rye

Let me know what you need to get rid of!
I can send $ and UPS label.

Bumping post since things have slowed down at the office. :crazy_face:

If interested I have an EH Taylor Small Batch I might part with

Not really looking for any EHTSB at this time. Just backfilling Michters spots on the shelf

I have all releases of the Michters Toasted Bourbon, many releases of m10b and a number of releases of the m10r. Any idea on prices you’re paying?

I have the following Old Fitz decanter series, lmk if interested in lot:
9 years, bottled Fall 2018
11 years, bottled Spring 2018
13 years, bottled Spring 2019
15 years, bottled Fall 2019