ISO Boston wine friends

Me as well

I’m moving to Boston suburbs this summer. Have been in the Bay Area for 13 years, so a bit spoiled. Also Philly born/raised. Crazy!


Ever think about a road trip? Some of my best wine experiences have been away from home on a trip or a special trip made for the purpose of connecting with like-minded geeks. Also, maybe be open to that person (possible hint here) who would make a 5-6 hour trip just to share some bottles.

With me and the wife getting our 2nd shot this friday and me going thru my fridges and berserker day spoils

I think I’ll start plannign something.
kind of small, backyard etc… not a superspreader event but not everyone in a bubble…

Im thinking wknd before mem day or right after mem day.

Who even knew that was a thing?

I’d be interested in a Boston/New England get together.

Hi new best friend… [drinkers.gif]


I’ll be fully vaxed by mid May and up for sharing some wine soon thereafter. I enjoy meeting internet ax murderer types.

I had my 2nd shot last week. :smiley:

I live in Seaport and a small group of us did a get together outside at the tables by the green space last year with no issues. We got Shake Shack and a bunch of food from Formaggio and had a great time. I’d be down for something like this again but I’m not going to be fully vaccinated until June with the 2 week incubation period.

Hi. I’m newly in Boston and need to tap into the wine community. Any upcoming events?

I will be moving to Providence RI in August and would love to join a meet up and share some nice bottles! I’ll keep an eye on the thread.

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I live outside of Hartford CT, also would potentially be interested