Is your wine in your will?

Sadly, we will all one day leave this world. I know many intend to drink down their cellars as they age, but inevitably there will be some wine left when we pass. Do you know what will become of your wines when that fateful day eventually comes? Sorry for the gloomy topic, btw. A friend had told me his family saw a rift many years ago when his great grandparents passed without a will and it got me thinking.




Nope. Don’t have one.

I know I know…

Everybody should make a will. Not doing so just adds work for the family of the deceased at exactly the time they don’t need it. My wine is in my will because everything I own is in my will. On advice from a very wise and practical person my will is extremely simple and straightforward. My kids are already joking about who gets what from the cellar, subject to there being anything left.

Jonathan, well I think that depends on the laws applicable in the relevant countries. But yes I agree with you.

Yes. To be split with three parties. Includes instructions to access CellarTracker. They can work it out themselves first, or first party selects a bottle, then second party, then third, and start over until all wine is gone.

YES, of course. Not too much of a stretch given that 2/3’s of my stash resides in my SIL’s wine cellar. It the past two years I’ve seen two families destroyed because of unclear or missing wills. One actually was my SIL’s as his 5 siblings, once loving, became greedy monsters.

Last month I updated my will and then had my two daughters for a read though and answered all their questions.

We have a trust and everything is split between our son and daughter. I know too many people who do not have a will or a trust and it becomes very difficult after one passes away.


One wife, one son, no need to divvy up things. It’s all hers if I die first, all his if I survive her. I’ve discussed with both the easiest means of disposing if the wine if (or to the extent) they want the cash instead.

It used to be in my will. When we got married in 2001, Betsy had little interest or knowledge of wine (and I had maybe 600 or 700 bottles, most not particularly valuable). So it was the one thing I left to 2 others, with everything else going to her. But now she has spent 14 years enjoying wine with me, and my collection has grown, and some more valuable bottles. So redid will so everything goes to her. In a separate instruction street I left CT password, password at off site storage website, etc. Plus contact info (though she knows them) of 3 friends in wine business so she could hire one of them to go through stuff. She likes wine, but is as happy with a vintage Chambolle as a Bonnes Mares. So said basically whoever she hires should send off all wines that are suitable for a real auction house, keep a few hundred good bottles (with drinking windows) for her, and send remainder to Wine Bid.

Same exact scenario for me.


As opposed to some of my rich collector friends, I have very few actual cases of wines.

I possess about 1,200 bottles, but only a few are repeats (but, yes, I do keep track on an Excell file).

There is an undertanding that the wine goes to my wife when I die (since there is a 75% chance that the husband will die first), and what she does with it when I’m gone is her own business.
Yes, I know the expression “oral agreements aren’t worth the paper they aren’t written on”.
But seeing as I dislike lawyers and other sharks, I prefer to trust my immediate family members.
I’ll take that risk.

Neither of my two children are into wine.

Alex R.

Wine is not specifically in our will but it covers everything we own. We don’t have kids so we are leaving everything to nieces and nephews to split evenly.

The kids can divide up the wine, we are drinkers, not collectors. We just finished a year and a half settling up most of my brother’s affairs with out a will. Some affairs in Thailand need to be addressed and I am being a bit passive aggressive because of the mess he left behind here. Actually my wife did most of the work, a burden has been lifted. [cheers.gif]

Nope. I hope my family and the neighbors raid the stash and have a good time.

Well, I’ve probably spilled a few glasses of wine on my will, if that counts.


Off topic, but this reminds me of “On the Beach” where the men of distinguished age are downing as much of their club’s Port before the end comes…

You bet.