Is WB French-centric?

In a thread I now can’t find, someone said the other day that the board was dominated by French threads. At the time of the post, that was kind of true.

But looking at the front page a few minutes ago, you could really see what a mix it is. I tallied up the threads devoted to actual wines (as opposed to FedEx or Rudy or bad writing or biodynamism) and, at that moment, California narrowly edged out France. Italy was way down the list.

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You talkin’ to me?

Centric français? Me donner une pause.

Ask Dildine! On second thought, don’t ask Dildine.

No. California summer doldrums. Not Euro-centric enough. Wait until California ‘mailer season(s)’ when every other thread will be about release dates, bragging about allocations, crying about no allocations, declarations of all-in or partially-in, wohoo!-ing, blow-by-blow online ordering…

Just witness the number of posts in a Rhys thread when their release date is approaching and when the release is live…

We need more U.S. posts - I love this country!

Oh yeah…and freedom fries for everybody.

WB is quite French-centric in attitude and zeitgeist, but not necessarily in quantity of posts or threads. A lot of this board is about applying a Francophile wine perspectives to wines from other places.

Not a complaint or an accusation, just an observation from a regular here, from someone who appreciates good French, Italian and California wines equally.


Chris, well said, as usual. I have all 3 countries in my collection as well, but fun to poke!

I have a couple of bottles of French … but I’m cutting back.

Fify we are in Texas after all.

USA (95.50%) White wine .47%
Australia (2.61%) I ‘dabble’
France (0.95%) All champagne -4 bottles
Italy (0.71%)
Germany (0.24%)-Birthday gift, 1 bottle. Thanks Nano!


+1 Bill. That’s a great way to think about it…we’re already buying “foreign”! [snort.gif]

I want to be like mike when I grow up!

Yes. Wouldn’t want to overdo it, would we neener

Best post by anyone in some time. [winner.gif]

To answer the original post, let me answer differently, to say I think more of us who enjoy CA need to spend more effort supporting it through creating posts about it.

This compilation of WBers’ inventories also shows that California lovers are well represented here. The most frequently cited producers are:

Rhys 30
Ridge 16
Jadot 15
Carlisle 12
Rivers-Marie 12
Copain 11
Dujac 11
Huet 10
Saxum 10
Bedrock 8