Is This Dinner Worth $2,000 a Head ?

Dear all,

For tonight’s Camillus House Auction, L B is generously donating a magnum of '47 Latour a Pomerol, which with '47 Cheval Blanc and '47 Petrus, are some of the most legendary Bordeaux ever made. In magnum format, it should be gorgeous!

The fair market value s $14,500. I am putting a consortium together at $2000 a seat, for seven seats. We will enjoy this at a dinner on a mutually agreeable date.

The first six to reply will be confirmed.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS NOT TO ME !!

in 750ml, no.

I think it says mags no?

Still no for me. . .

Rudy thinks so.

I would be interested if I was in Florida…and if I didn’t have to pay in advance. Otherwise my primary concern would be that it’s a scam.

Not a scam, but who knows on the Mag , Rudy ??

Were any right bank 47s bottled in any format besides magnum? I guess there were a lot of 3 liters as well.

Sorry, I just realized how that looked. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory or negative. I’m naturally slow to trust. It sounds like an epic experience and I always want those when it comes to wine. You’re getting to taste history…how cool is that?

Kirk, No apology necessary. It is right to be suspicious. I know the guy planning it & the donator , both have way too much money & Camillus is a charity for the homeless.

we need a sarcasm font.

Kirk, I don’t think there’s anything to apologize for. I would be highly skeptical as well. All three producers were heavily counterfeited by Rudy. The fact that the bottles are mags, with no probwnance info, makes me even more skeptical.

Read again. I think you did the same thing I did first. It reads only the one Magnum, not three.

The fact that the good folks putting on the dinner think the wines are genuine doesn’t mean they are actually genuine.

I misread it as well. I will say my lone experience with 47 Latour a Pomerol of good provenance was pretty mind-blowing. It was from a weathered 750ml.

That wine, if well-stored and legit, which is the rub, would almost be worth the price of admission.

Is any dinner really worth $2,000 a head?

How about at a table with Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher and Mike Ditka !!

I would pay $2000 for that

People also pay alot more than that for a dinner with Bob Parker.

How about at a table with Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher and Mike Ditka !!

I would too since it would mean someone has figured out the secret to bringing back the dead!

Or maybe I’d be dead too and then I’d be screwed . . .

Ditka would probably be cool to hang out with, but not quite in the same league as the others, although I probably wouldn’t tell him that to his face.

I had dinner with Shula last year , for free !

Don or Mike?