Is there a white wine equivalent of Carlisle?

I was thinking today that there are many different reasons to like Carlisle besides the obvious one - I love the wines. They are available in reasonable quantities by mail order. There are enough different grapes and blends so that they do not become boring. They are not trying to make wine out of every possible grape, just to end up with mediocrity. And the price is very reasonable. Did I forget that the wines are great? BUT Mike Officer does not make white wine and I need a source for wines of similar price, variability and quality of the white persuasion for an event in November. I know that Kistler makes a lot of different SV whites, but the price point is a bit much since I will probably be buying for 150 people. Any thoughts?

The real question, which I did not make clear until adding this edit at the end is - Is there a winery that makes first class white wines of variable types that I can get two or three cases of a couple times a year, throw it in the cellar, and know that I can just pull one out without agonizing over the cost and know I will love it? I can get plenty of Aubert, which I really like, but I am not ccomfortable just pulling one out every time I eat fish. The 150 person event was just the trigger for the thought process.

Do the wines all have to be from the same producer, or are you just looking for good whites at a reasonable price?

I am very interested to see what we learn from this thread.

While I haven’t tried them yet, the notes I’ve seen on the Bedrock whites seem like they might be good cantidates.

assuming you’re looking for a single producer who makes multiple white wines of quality without high prices, I would submit Tablas Creek. One could also mention countless German riesling producers.

Peay makes three outstanding whites.

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Windgap might fit the bill. They make chard, pinot gris and trousseau gris. Reasonable pricing, good balance, nice drinking wines…

I was going to suggest this, too. Great people, great selection of whites, and prices that are hard to beat for the quality.


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Exactly what I was going to post, but you beat me, Larry. And if you included the entire family, you should
add the Verdad.
You should try MichaelMeagher’s/VinoV Confundida, Larry. Beautiful rendition of Albarino.
And the Chien Gruner. Both something I think you’ll be impressed with. Home-town boys gotta hang together.

I’m just surprised I beat you to the punch - seeing how big a homer you are for Bob et al’s stuff flirtysmile

Will have to take a look for the Confundida - gotta love a good local Albarino - and will try to talk Don into trading for a bottle or two of the Chien Gruner - interested to see how this is . . .


If they need to be different varieties…Austria is a possibility. Gruner & Riesling.

If they can be ‘different wines’ but the same grape…Huet (Vouvray - chenin blanc). Sec, demi sec, & sweeter versions too.

Any number of cantine in Friuli or Alto Adige. Best white QPR on the planet and most wineries make at LEAST six varieties plus blends and all in oaked and unoaked versions plus stickies.

Something tells me Jay has west coast US on the mind. If so, would have to stick with Navarro, Tablas Creek or another “Rhone Ranger”. Hard-pressed to find a line-up in Cali that strays too far from Chardonnay, Chardonnay, Chardonnay.

Have you thought about options out of Oregon (Pinot Gris, Chardonnay even some Gewurz) or Washington (swap out the P.G. for Riesling)?

“Something tells me Jay has west coast US on the mind.”

Well, as RPjr once famously said about Far Niente, “Why pay less?”

Let me see if I understand this correctly:
you want big-in-your-face rock’em sock’em whites with high alcohol and impact?

Why not order a mixed case of white Chateauneuf-du-Pape from various producers? These are usually above 14%ABV and so may suit your needs. I find they go well with chicken and shellfish/lobster.

Lots of good suggestions above, but its hard to pick just one winery since their selections don’t have the overall breadth of a red wine producer. If I had to pick one, it would be Navarro. Right now, my go to CA whites right now are:

Navarro (Muscat and Gewurtz)
Tercero (The Outlier)
Curran (Grenache Blanc)
Ridge/Walter Hansel/Stony Hill (Chard)

All good suggestions, Tom. I echo the rec for Tercero. Larry’s dry Gewurtz, Grenache Blanc, and Rose (as are all of his wines) are stellar and excellent QPR’s too. QPR’s of the year, in my book, in fact.

Only three offerings so far from Kinero but they all rock. Two come in 500ml which I also love. He is now making the wines at Denner which also makes some great whites.

2009 Kinero Grenache Blanc Alice Blackseth Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (5/5/2010)
This wine was delicious but a little lighter than 2008 vintage. Nose was tropical fruit with strong overtones of pinnaple, lemon zest and guava. The acidity was bright and carried the fruit very well. Nice effort. (90 pts.)

2009 Kinero Alvarinho Brouhaha - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (3/27/2010)
This was agreat quaffer with Indian food. Fresh fruit of citrus around a nice green grass finish. Not overly complex. Reminded me of something I might have had from New Zealand or South Africa. Not that familiar withthe varietal (variety?) but it worled nicely with the Indian spices. (88 pts.)

2008 Kinero Roussanne Rustler James Berry Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (2/20/2010)
This is a very refreshing roussanne. Floavors of pineapple,peach, pear, guava, lemon, grapefruit with a palate coating texture of lemon oil and zest. Not overly lemony, more of a tropical fruit explosion. Great food wine. (91 pts.)