Is it Napa or Friuli? Neither. It's Massican

I don’t push too many of my blog post on the public in forums but this one is worth it for us all.

Today I posted an article about Massican Winery. Headed up by Dan Petroski (assistant winemaker at Larkmead). Massican is turning out some really exciting white wines from Napa, but with a north-eastern Italian flair. They are stunning. This is one of a few wineries whose list I buy from each year without hesitation.

If you’d like to check it out, go to:

Eric -

Great blog post. And you’re right – Dan Petroski’s Massican wines are awesome. Food friendly, acid-driven, interesting, and perfect for this time of year.

I must admit, though, I’m a bit worried about everyone finding out about how tasty these wines are!

And Dan is one hell of a guy. Going to pop a Massican Sauv Blanc this weekend.

And here I thought this thread was going to be about immigration. Or tacos.

Thanks David, it’s a good point but Dan certainly deserves the recognition.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover the immigrating taco issue in a future post. [cheers.gif]

I really enjoyed that wine. We all took a moment, after the first taste, and everyone could tell that it was unanimous–we all loved it.

Agree, Eric…Dan’s wines are pretty awesome. But to me they’re distinctly NapaVlly…so better than most of their Friulian analogs IMHO.
Dan also suggested I try the MatthiassonFamily and ArbreGarbe wines…two more wineries following the Friulian path in Calif.
In a few weeks, we’ll be getting together out there to taste thru a bunch of those wines, including some from ChanningDaughters,
where ChristopherTracey is doing some interesting things along the Friulian lines.

I was invited to the very get-to-gether you’re referring to… but I’m working almost daily with a current client. I would have loved to attend.

I get what you’re saying about the Friuli analogy… but I must say that if you closed your eyes to the labels and tasted these with the foods of Friuli… it’s like being transported.

Also, I haven’t tasted wines like this in Napa before, so it’s hard for me to think of them as distinctly Napa.

I just did a write up of Channing Daughter’s for Snooth… WOW! some really interesting wines. It would be great to compare them all.

Damn, I’m so pissed I can’t make it to Napa this July.

PS: My Channing Daughters article on Snooth…

I gotta try these wines.

I’ll second the recommendation for Matthiasson - there’s some really cool under the radar type stuff coming out of Napa these days and I think both Massican and Matthiasson are right at the forefront and I dig what they’re doing.