Is it just me or are 750's getting smaller?

LOL. Not often does a father/son combo make its way into a thread. I love it!

And I totally agree with the above sentiments… 750ml bottles do seem to go more quickly lately. Part of that is due to my wife increasing her consumption, but I am also guilty as charged. Definitely happens when the quality ramps up too…

Or is Leon getting larger???

He’s a good kid with a great start thanks to all of you. Born in 1989, we have a number of 89ers including a box of Lynch Bages. He and I plan to take a 89 Krug to the island off Lanakai, Hawaii that we’ll paddle to one day. He has his own shelf in the cellar. Regularly attends Ridge, Rhys and Ceritas pick ups with me and Mom. I am as lucky as he is.

No, I think ya’ll are just getting fatter!

It is actually a consequence of Einstein’s proofs about the relativity of time that bottles do get objectively smaller as one gets older and drinks them faster. There is an elegant proof of this, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth to write it out here.

That’s why I don’t understand why people buy 375, 500 or anything smaller than 750s unless its a sparkling by yourself that you may not drink on day 2…

What is day 2? [scratch.gif]