Is it just me or are 750's getting smaller?

Went to dinner with the folks with two bottles, a 2002 Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, and a 2011 Corton Charlemagne PYCM. Fantastic wines, but we could have kept going. We were left to resort to the list at the restaurant, which was nothing north of pedestrian. The bottles must be shrinking.

One thing I have discovered is that 750 ml bottles of Champagne barely serve 2 people.

drink lesser quality and the bottles feel bigger
trust me

The bottles are the same size so the glasses must be getting bigger.

It’s just you.

Stay thirsty my friend.

+1000 on this

That’s why I don’t understand why people buy 375, 500 or anything smaller than 750s unless its a sparkling by yourself that you may not drink on day 2…

When are we going to have the switch to 1L being the standard bottle?

This is hilarious! We were just having this conversation this weekend.

Global warming is making the wine evaporate quicker. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!


I’m splitting a bottle with TW right now. She is giving that “no more for you” look.
Yes, my queen.

Yep. This is so damn true.


They get smaller when your kid pours his own. (Glad to have him with us).

750’s are the new 375’s.

I find this interesting. Sparklers, on the rare occasion we open one, don’t disappear that quickly. In contrast, whenever we open a Riesling or Pinot Noir for dinner, we’re lucky if that bottle lasts 'till the end of the meal! Some wines are just really really easy to drink, indeed … for me, bubbles just isn’t one of 'em.

Had the 11 PYCM Corton earlier this year. Really wonderful wine. Definitely suffered shrinking bottle syndrome too [cheers.gif]

Everyone says magnums are best :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re just getting bigger.