Is corkage allowed at Disney Springs restaurants in Orlando?

Taking the family to Disney World for Spring Break next week. Obviously will be bringing some wine for the adults. However, does anyone have any experience with bringing wine to dinner at some of the nicer restaurants in Disney Springs or on the Boardwalk?

Also, any recommendations on restaurants in Disney Springs or the Boardwalk, and conversely, and places to definitely avoid?


Drinking in Disney, someone needs a wine timeout

Maybe if you put some Macdonald in a mickey mouse sippy cup nobody will notice the drunken wino making out with minnie !!!

Stay classy.

$25 the last time we were there, but it’s been a few years.

Flying Fish
California Grill

Please…the correct drinking vessel is a Pringles can.

It’s called unwinding after a long day, and it’s CLASSY!!! LOL


Wine Bar George is very good. Every wine offered by the glass…a glass is 1/4th of a bottle and priced at 1/4th the cost of the bottle. So great for allowing people in your group to explore multiple wines. Great charcuterie and cheese boards. The chicken/fish/ steak platters can easily feed 4. Recommend reservations at any Disney Springs restaurants.

I was thinking that it may be a place where drinking is essential.

Only if you have kids…

Would you go there without kids?

Used our meal plan credits at Morimoto at Disney Springs, which was easily the best meal I had during our trip and very well executed. I’d be happy to eat there sans kids. Not sure on corkage, though. We bought an overpriced bottle of subpar champagne.