Is 2019 Red Burgundy tricking us?

Ok, recovering a bit from the fault of my previous post, I will never forget this 2019 Arnoux-Lachaux Pinot Fin tasted sept 11 in all its on-the-fruit glory.


2019 DRC VR1er tasted August 17 - stunning, life-affirming, like chewing on Zeus’ armpit

2019 Bouchard Volnay Caillerets 1er tasted August 19 - took an hour or so to show itself but once it did it was quite a bruiser

2019 Duband GC village tasted August 15 - simply superb, also took awhile to reveal itself

No tricks with any of these, all I see is fabulosity. It seems to me like mediocre and legendary producers alike making good lemonade out of good lemons is a good thing.

What does that say about 2019 vs any forthcoming vintage? My only answer would be, if you can afford to try more of the ones you liked, try more. If you can’t, find what you can afford based on your previous experience. If that sounds too simplistic, forgive me. The joy and heartbreak is all part of what makes burgundy so special in my humble opinion. Consistent producers will stay consistent. New buds emerge. Don’t get too wrapped up in missing out, your wine miracle will come! You can always rely on Didier-Fornerol!!

I would also say it’s much more interesting to talk about specific producers instead of speaking in X’s and Y’s. As I’m sure we all have learned, Burgundy is a tiny place that contains a universe.


Agreed, indeed that’s what I did above.

@CFu, which are the ‘newly good in ‘19’ that you’ve tried? Let’s discuss.


re: new ones

Les Horees & Commaraine spring up to the top of my mind for new ones. Les Horees I’m not so impressed by (but many are based on 2019) but Commaraine I was but am expressing caution for the long term as I just don’t know how much of it is the domaine and how much is it 2019.

re: turn the corner
plenty can be found on the interwebs/on here.

Wondering if anyone else has ones they are being cautious of

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I would argue Les Horees has hype because of the pedigree, and not the actual wine produced in 2019. Everyone is looking for the next Bizot and Tremblay.

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Interesting to see Didier Fornerol mentioned here. I had a '19 CdN Villages last week and both Ashley and I found it “fine” but nothing remarkable or memorable.


Isn’t commeraine made by LMLB? that prob explains much more than the vintage.


I think they take a little bit of time despite all the noise about how good they are young.


If you have any feedback on HL , beyond CDLR and MSD VV, it would be great to hear. In particular curious if you have tried Riotte.


Well among the ‘19s I just popped the BR (Plan Gilbert) and found it excellent for its level or otherwise. The last 1ers (Chaffots and VV) I tried were ‘16s and they were both fabulous. As good as many GCs I tried from that vintage. I would and have bought all of these at good prices when I could find them.

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How was it? I saw some for about 350 the other day. To me, this is thr ultimate fomo bottle

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yes but hype wouldn’t be sustained if they weren’t at least decent. And it’s much easier to make decent easily accessible wine in 2019 than any of the recent vintages

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Truly fabulous. I plan to buy as much as I can get my hands on.

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Marchand Tawse has been doing well tableside, I do feel the wines are showing a good amount of babyfat though. The fruit concentration/oak marriage in Marchand Tawse reminds me of Denis/Arnaud Mortet and, given the concentration of '19, M.Tawse offers drinkers some value versus the wines from the Mortet Domaine - at the village level anyways.

I’m new to their line as well, but I’m happy with how their wines have been satisfying guests.

Thumbs up!

You’re very much correct!


This thread was the trick. I fell for it. Opened a de Montille Volnay Taillepieds last night. Fuchsia color with medium transparency. Initially shy…it took about an hour to get going. Aromas all in red fruit spectrum with focus on cherry, raspberry, and cranberry most prevalent. Florals in the violet and rose range emerge with some air. Palate also took time to unfold but ultimately started showing off a nice array of tart cherry, cranberry, black tea, raspberry, and eventually some cinnamon spice.Finish is medium at this point. I expect this to flesh out and develop with time. I have no good comparison points with the old guard vs. new guard at de Montille, but my intuition is that this needs another decade to go through that development.



I am having trouble understanding your surprise that producers do better in good vintages than bad vintages, esp. average one. Seems like well, duh.

As someone who made a couple of barrels in 2019, as well as tasted them extensively from barrel and bottle, I can definitely say that it was the sort of vintage that made winemakers feel intelligent. It was very hard not to make wines that didn’t at least have a lot of appeal… And many producers made great wines.

However, I am not really seeing that a “never been better” narrative has been generalized throughout the region. Some emerging or improving producers certainly did especially well in 2019, of course, but I am struggling to think of many people who made stunning 19s and then went on to totally miss 2020.


No. It’s that people are using the vintage as a basis for the success of a new domaine or a turning point of an old domaine.


I don’t think it’s likely producers will miss on 2019 and 2020 based on the success of both vintages. I’m talking more about the bookends. 2018/2021.