Introducing RECAP Wine


I am Flora Chang. While I am new to this platform, I am not new to wine. I started producing wine over ten years ago with my family’s first wine venture(s), Nine Suns and Houyi Vineyard, which was acquired by Realm Cellars earlier this year.

With the acquisition behind me, I shifted my energies to several projects percolating from a while back, and one, in particular, I am thrilled to share with this community - RECAP Wine. Over my years making and sharing wine, the wines themselves have almost become gateway drugs to beautiful relationships with oenophiles from both the consuming and producing sides of the wine coin. Two of these relationships have blossomed into this RECAP project. The first is with Kyle Gellis (whose projects include Blue Monster Wines, Gellis Family Domain, and others). He is undoubtedly a hedonist engineer transforming things that grow from the ground into some of life’s greatest pleasures – namely with his wines and cigars.

The second is with Marty, whom I’ll refer to by his first name as he prefers to keep a low profile. Marty is a retired Sonoma firefighter who has spent his adult life protecting the land, which I and many others have come to revere. The last few years on the job became increasingly arduous with the wildfires that routinely ravaged our area. Seeking distraction from his long workdays, Marty decided to plant Pinot on his property on the far Sonoma Coast bordering the Petaluma gap. While he enlisted the help of some of his vineyard neighbors for their expertise, he largely tended to the establishment of the vineyard by hand.

Through a crack in the universe from which good things occur, I happened to meet Marty at the same time Kyle and I started chatting about producing a Pinot together. Getting to know Marty and spending time in his vineyard gave density to our loose idea for a project. The vineyard was producing beautiful fruit while only a few years old. We decided to take the plunge, and Recap was born. For our part, some experimentation is taking place, but we’re avoiding being too interventionist. But what is winemaking if not experimentation? The wine from these young vines is bright and showcases sublime floral aromas, and we’re excited to see how our wines evolve as these vines mature.

We’re a short while away from our first release, and I invite you to join us for this Recap journey. We hope these wines find their way to your tables to be enjoyed with those with whom a recap is a daily occurrence or a special occasion long overdue.

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Flora Chang


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