Interesting Syrah Article.

A decent article on Syrah and the various regions around CA that it is grown in. Enjoy" onclick=";return false;

Thanks for the link, Tony. Another fine article by PatrickComisky, one of my favorite writers.
One small correction to it: The Neyers OldLakevilleRd Syrah comes from the PetalumaGap, not the
extreme SonomaCoast.


Thanks for the link. One continuous bone to pick with any article like this - the Central Coast certainly gets the ‘shaft’ in terms of coverage. Sure, it’s great to have Bien Nacido mentioned, but there certainly are other cooler clmate sites around here:


Certainly a few others to add . . .


Thanks for the link, I bookmarked the site as it looks like a good source for food and wine info.

Very good point, Larry. Also missing from the list are cool-climate Syrah vineyards in the Cambria area, such as Bassetti and Stolo Family.

I was recently offered, on closeout, a Syrah blend from a producer that I like, from the Central Coast. $50 SRP…on sale for $20 to me…I offered $14…The wine has been on sale for 3 weeks with wholesaler. None sold yet…and the wine gets good press.


$50 SRP on a syrah is certainly still high these days . . . .

The only ones that seem to be able to sell the variety at that price are the ‘rock stars’ - Alban, Saxum, SQN - and a few Napa producers such as Colgin, Lewis and a few others . . .

I certainly won’t ‘argue’ about the sellability of the variety with you - as you are on the ground fighting it out every day. What I WILL say is that quality syrah producers are certainly not backing down or going away . . . There are a few that I know of that cut down on 09 grapes - understandable in this economy. In some cases, they also cut down on other varieties that they make, including pinot, which DOES continue to sell well . . .

We (as in producers) will continue to fight this battle and we’re hopeful there are enough consumers like those on this board that will continue to purchase and enjoy these wines . . .

I will be on the Board of Directors of Rhone Rangers starting this year, and one of my goals is to come up with a campaign to change how syrah is seen by the general wine drinking community. It’s a mighty task, but I’m sure that I’ll have plenty of ‘soldiers’ around here to assist me in this endeavor . . .

Have a great day all!


i liked the article as it helps explain some of the reasons for variability the average consumer experiences when tiptoeing around this varietal. you would be surprised how many legit “wine folks” still don’t understand there is warm weather Syrah and cold weather Syrah grown domestically and how different the actual wines are.


GREAT points - and ones that I think need to be addressed immediately to give consumers a little more ‘guidance’ in understanding the variety!


'TenHut…PvtHill reporting for duty as commanded.

This is something that I’ve been mulling about over the last yr…how to raise the visibility of Rhone varietals in the public eye.
No easy solutions have come to mind…but then I’m a “science” type…not a marketing whiz.
A SyrahSidewise is the first thing that comes to mind…but here we’re talking big $$'s. I’d be willing to donate my services as the
nude tow truck driver racing out the door to chase down Miles. Sure that’d help a lot.
What part of the wine market you target is an important issue. For those looking at $10-$20 Syrah and who shop at TraderJoe’s or
CostCo…there’s not a whole lot of palatable (to my palate, anyway) stuff out there in that price range. For these folks, you need to
focus on getting them to trade up to $20-$25/btl, where there’s a lot more to shop for.
For those of us who already shop the $20-$35/btl market, I think taking a road show to expose them to Rhone varietals is the way
to go. Either tastings focused on those varietals, or a panel/seminar sit-down format like you’re doing afore RR makes the most sense.
To my thought, the most lucrative part of the market is those folks dropping $50-$200/btl on high-end Cabernets, mostly Napa.
If you can get them to trade down to a $40-$50/btl Syrah and convince them it’s a greater wine, with more aging potential, then their
beloved Cabs…I think that would be a big help. Not sure how to do that except by doing comparative tastings betwixt Cabs and Syrahs.

The obvious group to be pushing promotions such as this is RhoneRangers. One of the things I find a bit distressing is the lack of support
for RR amongst the CentralCoast wineries…where most of the best Rhone varietals are made (I know…music to your ears, Larry!!). It is seen
as mostly a NorthCoast group. And WashState/Oregon wineries as well. If you get some sort of promotional effort started and they see it
as to their advantage…that might change.

Awwwright, off with the marketing hat.

I can see Tom racing after Miles in nothing but his white tennis shoes with a red spitoon around his neck. [rofl.gif]
Now this is the stuff great movies are made of.