Interesting - Apparently 30% of CA Wineries Can't Now Buy Gr

It might only be because of a licensing error or some other reason – but 30% of the wineries that had a license to buy grapes last year no longer have one. Here’s the article:" onclick=";return false;

Adam Lee

Siduri Wines

Adam – The non-subscription portion of that story says that 30% don’t have licenses, but it doesn’t say that those 30% did last year. Is that in the subscription portion? From what I can see, it looks like maybe people didn’t know they needed this license, or that there is some massive screw-up in the list of licensees.

From where I sit, it looks like an error in the list. Ours has remained current but we are not on the list of current wineries. Relax, Adam.

Fred" onclick=";return false;

I think the 30% refers to the mismatch between the number of winery permits (2,17&20) and the number of Processor permits.

Not sure that’s very accurate. I hold our Processors permit for our 17 and 20 permits, but technically there is no Processor permit for our type 2 permit. Our type 2 is held by Spectrum Vintages, I’m the managing partner for Spectrum Vintages, but the Processors permit is held by Stefania Wine, which is not affiliated in an ownership sense with Spectrum Vintages. So all grapes are bought and transferred from Stefania Wine to Spectrum Vintages for processing. That means Stefania Wine needs the permit, Spectrum Vintages does not, and Spectrum Vintages would likely show up in that 30%.

I’m sure a few of those missing 30% are Estate only wineries that don’t buy in fruit and mixed ownership things. For instance I don’t think any of the wineries working out of Crushpad would need this permit. Crushpad buys and transports the fruit, and they hold the permit. The wine is technically transferred to the ABC permit holder after bottling, so the ABC holder working out of Crushpad would not need the permit unless they were bringing in their own fruit.

Fred - it’s great to see you here. Welcome to the forum.