Installing a propane tank for range

Anyone done this? I’m thinking about having a tank and line installed when we get new appliances… I saw 100lb cylinders at lowes for $130 and it got me thinking about skipping the propane companies. Could also run a line to the grill…

We use propane for our cook top, furnace, water heaters, and dryer; also have a line running to our gas grill. We have a 1000 gal tank. No issues.

Most appliances can also be retrofit for natural gas.

100 pounds isn’t much.

I’m thinking it should be big enough for a gas range with electric oven, even if we have to fill twice a year not too big a deal, right?

Thanks for the feedback, any thoughts on how complicated installation is?

2x a year? Is this a vacation home?

I assuming you don’t already have natural gas onsite?

You can probably find a 100-250 gal tank for sale somewhere. Then you just call for delivery (don’t get monthly deliveries nor a fixed carrier) in the summer when prices are cheap.

We ran our house on propane when we lived in the mtns and had 1500 gals (rented tanks) filled up once a year to run heat, hot water, and cooking.

The plumbing gas run to the range is likely to cost more than any empty tank.

No… >200lbs propane a year on just the stovetop?

No natural gas in my neighborhood unfortunately. I’d love to bypass a propane company completely since it seems like most want to lease the tank to you with scheduled fills.

In my case, I bought the tank and call a propane company when I want it refilled. No rental or contract.

I did the same.

I did my own plumbing, it was easy. If I did it again I would use the flexible pipe which makes it even easier.

Nice, glad to hear it can be done easily and safely! When I get my handier-than-I friends down I’ll get the line installed. Would be a good time to install a vent for a range hood too.

I am in no way handy, but I can screw pipe together. Btw, the propane company will test the system for you, do they can detect any problems. You may start thinking about new propane options, tankless water heater, BBQ, backup generator, etc.

When we lived in the country we had propane instead of nat gas. We had a propane company come fill the tank. They gave us the tank with a contract that included them servicing the tank. If they were to piss us off we could have them take the tank away and hire a new company.

We never had any problems at all. The only issue was when they couldn’t get their truck up the driveway due to snow or ice. If we saw a storm coming they would come out and top us off. We were in a small town and new everyone at the company so that probably helped.


I’m not doing this now, but my last house had an electric range (no nat’l gas) and I thought of doing the same thing. I’ve since sold that house, but for the future…Does a propane driven range produce as much heat as natural gas? When I was young we had a propane fueled range in a vacation house and it seemed to not get as hot/as big of a flame. Was that the range itself, or the propane?

My understanding is that propane actually burns hotter than natural gas, but I think a lot has to do with the fixture and how much gas you are burning etc.