Inglenook Cabernet Cask - return to the old name/label design

Inglenook was founded by Gustave Niebaum in 1879, then passed on to his grand nephew John Daniel, Jr. following Niebaum’s passing. Daniel Jr. acquired the Napanook vineyard in the 1940’s and blended grapes from the vineyard into his Cask Cabernet. When Daniel Jr. passed, he left Napanook to his daughters, who founded Dominus on the site in 1982.

No, Napanook was not a part of the original Inglenook estate. John Daniel, Jr. acquired Napanook in the 1940’s. It is located further south in Yountville and is now part of Dominus.

Roy, you are correct. Francis Ford Coppola re-introduced Cask Cabernet in 1995. The 2009 is historic because it’s the first ultr-premium Inglenook wine in decades. We have a few wines that are labeled Rubicon Estate because they were bottled before the name was restored.

Thank you for the information!

thanks for the timeline. i was always confused about the napanook parcel. i love inglenook from the the 50s and 60s before it was sold. and now drink 90s dominus. hope one day to taste some of those even older inglenook wines.

Have you seen the Inglenook cellar, Diane? I’m guessing there are hundreds and hundreds of bottles of Inglenook wines prior to the 60’s. It’s amazing. Someone just has to convince them to sell or open them flirtysmile