Infected Bourbon County

Warning for anyone with 2015 bottles

geez. Even Prop. Basically everything they made this year except Eagle Rye which tastes like cough syrup anyways. at least they offered refunds

Has Goose Island offered refunds on the 2015 regular?

I bought two bottles. First one struck me as being fairly different than previous years’ releases, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my bottle was “off.” Still haven’t opened the other, and am not particularly excited to do so, either.

i’m sure they’ll do something.

Crap, I didn’t know about this until just now. I have one 2015 Barleywine and a bunch of 2015 BCS.

I love sour beers, but I want my bourbon stouts to be malty and boozy.

I opened one a few months back along with a '13 and '14 and didn’t think it was as good, but thought it just needed time. I may have to check in on the remaining bottles soon.

I started trying these out in late December. All of my Coffee, Barleywine, and Prop were off. Have not tried my Rare yet. About half of my regular has had a problem so far. Still have a couple cases left and the one bottle I drank last week was perfect. I have had problems with both the 13.7 and the 14.3% BCBS. All of these were bought and stored at 54 degrees within a week or two of release.

If they release it do not buy the barleywine this year. It will have problems as it used the 2015 barrels.

Cases? Wow that’s a lot

Can anyone report of the Rare being bad? I only had one and gifted it to my sister. It wasn’t easy to come by.

shouldn’t be. Rare was a 2014 batch that was aged 2 years. Not part of the 2015 barrels and beer base that have all the infections.

Thanks Charlie. I drank all the regular bottles and wasn’t able to acquire the rare until January. I’m sure she will love it.