Incomming & not sure what it is?

Who’s shipping from San Pablo CA today? I received a shipment notification from UPS & can’t for life of me figure out who it’s from. As far as I know I’m not expecting anything…

Yea I didn’t think Joan let you drink California wine.

Only on my Birthday…

Nice of her. neener

On leap year she lets me open a mag! flirtysmile

I have the same UPS notice. Not sure, but sort of eliminated suspects down to the point that I think it’s Wind Gap using a third party shipping service. Would that make sense for yours as well?

Nope… I didn’t order any Wind Gap… Hmm…

I get tracking notices from that source and it could be any number of sources.




Ordering under the influence, eh?

Wine Bid or Winecommune perhaps?

No Winebid, no Winecommune, no purchasing under the influence (I think)…

…currently in Roseburg Oregon. I guess I’ll know tomorrow. :slight_smile:

If it’s good, and you don’t figure out who it’s from, it’s from me.

Oh great - a shipment of Sierra Carche! [barf.gif]

My only outstanding shipments are:

the Loring sample pack from last week
Windy Oaks if they are shipping their quarterly wine club shipment.

I received the same ups message.

None of those either. I’m seriously stumped! Like Steve said - Joan doesn’t “allow” me to order a whole lot of California vino. Hmm…

Got Turley today, Owen Roe yesterday, and Beaux Freres next week.

I’m hoping it’s some DRC but…

Aubert shipped this week?

No Aubert here.