In which of the Burgundy vintages from 1976 - today was Volnay the top region?

Inspired by a note a read on another thread, I am posting this question so as not to hijack that thread.

In which of the Burgundy vintages from 1976 - today was Volnay the top region?

Hmm. 1999?, 2007, possibly 2005, maybe 2015. (“Top” is a tough one)

Definitely 2007
2005 (but ya gotta be patient)

Frankly, don’t have much experience with pre-1999 Volnays.
Was pounding other Red Burg Regions to a much greater extent.

I finally saw the light…


2005, 2010, 2012 and 2015

I would add 1990 and 2003 although the jury is out on 03 for now

Sorry, I meant to say that the jury is out on the quality of 03

+1. 07s are showing very well as well!

Maybe 1989.

But ‘top’ is hard to define in this case.

With the caveat that the question is unanswerable I’ll answer it with 1999 and 2007

If “TOP” means “better than all other regions” … then maybe (and only) 2007 on 1er cru level, but that´s all.

If TOP means “oustanding wines produced” then here are several more … 1978, 1985, 1989, 1990, 1997 (but now most a bit old), 2003, 2005, 2009 …

I would possibly add 1983 to the list.

With the caveat that I will take your word re 2007 as i have had very few, I agree. Even in vintages like 2002, e.g., where volnay did very well there are numerous CdN appellations that IMHO generally produced even greater wines.

Gerhard’s scrupulous attention to detail is appreciated.

I really cannot remember any 2007 Volnay that was disapointing - which I cannot say about the major CdNuits regions …
but of course I did taste Top producers only …

Sure most 2002 Volnays are “better” (if not in a better drinking state now), but there are so many great wines in the North, Volnay is really no standout …

2007 really is a special Volnay vintage.
Will write up a disappointing one I tasted last night.

I was looking at the judgement of Volnay as a CdB thing.
IMO, CdB vs CdN is an apples and oranges type of thing…


I´ll be doing a Volnay vers. Chambolle-Musigny tasting in June, with at least two 2007s …
and I´m very sure that it´ll not be easy to tell the two Villages apart.
(so far reg. Apples and Oranges …) [wink.gif]

Sounds like a fun tasting