In the CellarTracker sense, how do you "location"?

Curious about the methods you use to set location in CellarTracker.

Right now in my locker, its pretty simple. 6 sections with 9 rows each and 9 spots for wine. So, 432 would be section 4, row 3, 2nd bottle in.

Now, with my upcoming home cellar (yay!) I will now have 3 large sections 15-20 rows each and 20 bottles high. I think my current method for location might get a little messy.

And while I know the way of the barcode is the best, I am just not ready to barcode up my cellar.

So, how do you location?


I use it for the area in my cellar, e.g. Rack 1, Rack 2, Wall 1, Aisle 3, . . .

I used to heavily use location when I had wine in multiple locations, or in boxes. Now that my home cellar has enough (well for now) slots for all my wine it seems less important to me. I have things sorted largely by region, and have a large area right as I enter the room for the wines I intend to drink soonish. When something new comes in I do my best to fit it into the same area as similar bottles, often using the shuffle that come with this to move some more wines into my drink soon pile. I can see this will mean an every other year (I hope) need to really sort through, but it does mean I can shift things around with little consequence.

My other method felt like I was spending more time changing “location” than simply enjoying the cellar, though I do suppose I was more quickly able to find any one specific wine.

As I write this I guess the scale must factor in at some point, I’m just under 800 bottles so keeping track isn’t impossible.

Wall-column-row IE: L-20-I
easy and precise.

I don’t see a point in barcoding. I keep a paper log of what I take out or add and adjust irregularly.

location (home or offsite), floor of locker, then box number

Column - Row

I started out with a Danby 35 bottle unit then added a 166 bottle Avanti. When I started to exceed their capacity is when I discovered Cellartracker. I just numbered each shelf and when I added off-site storage I started labeling each box S01, S02, etc.

I recently added a used 400+ bottle Vinotemp unit and eliminated my off site. It is a double door unit so I just needed a way to not open both doors to find a bottle. I used the same shelf labeling and used left and right for the new unit. I used an A for the Avanti so the top shelf of each unit is A01, L01 and R01.


I used to have offsite, and thus multiple locations, but location today is either ‘Pending’ or ‘Cellar’, though I do have some stuff i’m boxing up to ship off to auction. Then just Bin. Row, or bottle position is way too A-R for me.

The Bin is prefixed w/ a wall (N,S,E,W) followed by sequential bin number, E01, E02, etc.
Then within columns (I have all individual bottle racking), I segment bins vertically by a reasonable number of bottles - generally 12, although my magnum racking worked out to 14, and I have a couple smaller racks that are 8. This means I do have to hunt slightly to find things, but then I can shuffle things around in a bin without having to do a bunch of data entry. Helps w/ accepting pending deliveries as well - easier loading of multiples and less data entry.

In my wine cooler, I have 8 “columns” (A to H), 16 “rows” (1 to 16) and Front & Rear (F or R). So a wine’s location could be 01 A F, 08 G R, 15 D F, etc.

My offsite is much cruder: cases labelled with magic markers. WB 01, WB 09, etc.


I have four locations (Cellar, DR (for Dining room 55 bottle chiller) and inside and outside refrigerators). The DR is labeled by drawers (1-7). The cellar, as other posters indicated, are by column A-Z, then AA, BB, with the row by number, so the first column, row four, would be A04. The cellar has only 450 single slots, so the other approx. 150 bottles are in cases and the box name is called a “bin.”

I stopped printing bar codes a while ago, but I am very proactive in updating either by my laptop or

It works.

My cabinet is 12 columns, noted by letters, 17 rows and 3 bottles deep noted by numbers.
A1-1, A1-2, A1-3
A2-1, A2-2, A2-3 …and so forth.

Being diligent in keeping tabs on wines removed will make your life much easier. [cheers.gif]

10 sections of racks, each with an upper, middle and lower section so 01u, 01m, 01l, 09u, 09m, etc…

I down loaded from CT to Excel for a print out. Column A-Z, rows 1-24, for some reason I cannot use AB,AC, etc. so need to double up the rows. The print out works for a linear page representation of the 12 row racking. I seem to spend more time updating the cellar than I do drinking.

For my cellar, I identify the wall (A, B, C, etc.) and column (1, 2, . . . n). It works well enough; because I do not include row information, however, it sometimes takes a minute to pull all the bottles in a column to find the one that I am looking for. That said, it would take too much work from a cellar management perspective for me to include the row as well. I don’t believe that I will change my system.



My locations are the places. Such as home, which offsite, etc. I use bin for the location within those places. Each box is marked by a number and those are the bins. No bin number means its loose or stacked on top of the boxes.

+1. For the bin I use column and row, except for offsite where I just identify the box.

My offsite locker is filled with boxes. Each box has a number written on it, this is the number I will put into CT.

Mine is far too inaccurate…apartment, locker #1 or locker #2. ~100 bottles in each spot…lots of guesswork involved; keeps things interesting.