In search of Baby Jesus... 2002

Looking for 2002 Bouchard l’Enfant Jesus

Will buy or trade…

(The closer to Seattle the better.)


'02 is killer right now. The '05 should be an out of body experience in 10-15 years.

Ed, what’s your thoughts on the 01?

I’ve not had the '01 but I’m willing to make that sacrifice!
(Should be good)

You will be greatly rewarded. The '05 Ancienne and Enfants were absolutely fantastic wines when tasted a couple years ago. I’m betting on otherworldly in 15 years. [cheers.gif]


On that other board I could’ve never relived the Ricky Bobby experience!

(Is that bashing? Sorry…)

I’ve not had the '99, I imagine it would be a great wine. However, I need the 2002… I have plans. :slight_smile: