Impressions 12-18-21

Wine impressions 12-18-21

2020 Vincent, Gamay - fresh raspberry, strawberry fruit scents and tastes, structured but balanced with pin-point acidity. With a kale risotto with beets, a lovely pairing.

2019 Vincent, Pinot Blanc - served too cold but as it warmed this is svelte, fresh and laser like; a variety that I believe is hard to do this well. Nice with fresh chèvre and crackers.

2013 Calluna, Merlot aux Reynauds - shows young, concentrated and very right bank. The depth, structure and balance all indicate vin de garde; even so, about as good with mushroom pizza as one could imagine.

2018 Cowan Cellars, Ribolla Gialla - one of the few whites I’ve made that I will refrigerate; it has the intensity and fruit to deal with the cold and, as it warms, it tightens up just enough to keep it from seeming slack. I usually drink everything but bubbles at cellar temp; this is a warranted exception. Aged Gouda worked well.

2016 Cowan Cellars, Syrah Bennett Valley - the “biggest” red I ever made; it will stain your hand/tongue dark purple. For all its size and power I still don’t get the weight or milkshake like textures other big reds may have but it needs meat or strongly flavored food. Diane and I don’t do much of that so this will probably age longer than some of the other reds I made, simply from lack of appropriate pairings.
Had with a hearty bean/tomato dish with onions, avocado and sour cream but nearly overwhelmed the food.

2020 Extradimensional Wine Co., Evangelho Mourvèdre - requires at least a hour in the decanter now (more is better); any less and it’s a pale, piecemeal impression of itself. Once it opens, it’s a very young but nimble Evangelho with good structure and all the sustain you could ask. For me, these will go in the cellar and I will try to stay away for at least 6 months; longer if I can manage it. Lots of promise and, with an hour in the decanter and an eggplant pizza, a glimpse of a fine future.

2016 Dirty & Rowdy, Mourvèdre Antle Vnyd. - the initial profile, both smell and flavor, is rose petals (how about that!), wild strawberry, marjoram and soil, more savory than sweet; everything turns darker over time as black fruit mixes in; light-bodied and long. While still youthful the development is evident. Drink or hold but if you drink, decant.
Served with roasted carrots, mashers with beet greens, and pork chop with pickled jalapeños - excellent pairing. The wine even stands up to the chilies.

Best, Jim

Thanks for the notes Jim…I love the Calluna Aux Reynauds Merlot with some age on them. I had a 2010 a few years ago that was still fresh and had a lot of years left before peaking.

Appreciate the notes Jim. Good preview on a few things I have in the queue.