Impressions 11-18-21

Wine impressions - 11-18-21

1996 and 2018 Baron de Pichon-Longueville - obviously from the same place regardless of age; the ‘96 is more resolved (although not completely), complex and elegant. The ‘18 was dense, fruit driven and had more volume in the mouth. Both were superb examples Pauillac and a delight to drink, whether alone or side-by-side. ‘Slight personal preference for the younger.

2019 Tenuta della Terre Nere, Etna Rosso - light to medium weight, good fruit, dark earth accents and good grip. My preference is to serve it with food to counter-balance it’s dusty tannins but a glass alone is still yummy.

2019 Petalos, Bierzo - cepage Mencia; a charming rendition of the grape with lively red fruits, good balance, complexity and a delivery that morphed from time to time - ‘shifting emphasis on differing red fruits. Quite an interesting flavor shift and one which seemed to add life to the tasting experience. Lovely after-taste for a fairly lightweight wine.

2013 Ridge, Cabernet Sauvignon Montebello - there is a lot to like here - yet the wood overlay is always present. Concentrated, viscous, structured, good balance and length. If only . . .

2014 Ridge, Cabernet Sauvignon Montebello (375) - just a whisper of discernible wood and, other than that, pretty much the same as the above wine; perhaps a touch less concentrated. But so much the better for the lack of oak.

2011 Freemark Abbey, Cabernet Sauvignon - an elegant, balanced Cab without wood; an absolute pleasure to drink. And once again proving 2011 to be a fine vintage, even for Cab, if the winemaker knew what to do. Speaks of times gone by but good times.

2020 Jadot, Beaujolais-Villages - $12.50 at Walmart; wonderful fruit, good grip, good balance and sustain. Another mass market wine that fights above its weight class.

Best, Jim

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Agree on the Jadot, drink for dinner, finish by adding to fresh cut peaches. Peaches and Beaujolais, oh yeah!

What accounts for the difference in oak here? I assume they used American oak both years with little difference in elevage, right?

I had a 91 MB last year and there was no hint of oak. I have tried a few 14s and 15s in 375 ml and found a huge oak presence. I gather these need at least 10 years for the oak to resolve, but your 14 note made me ask the question.

I wish I knew.
A recent 1997 Montebello was a masterpiece.
Confusin’ but not amusin’.