Is there a way for us plebes to know what offers we are missing?

Finally got the offer I’ve been waiting on to be available - get it before it is gone, folks!


Aside from the existing offers which are great so far, Todd just announced a super exclusive and very exciting offer from a popular Berserker Day participant. I think that’s about all I can say neener

I still need to get my offer off to him . . . soon . . .

Another BerserkerDay 2021 FAVORITE popping off with a super limited Monopole Crü special offer very soon. Membership has its advantages, people!

Just FYI, for those deciding if they want to join, added another new opportunity for Monopole Crü, a monthly feature - one winery (typically a Newbie, testing this method instead of NewbiePalooza) with a special offer all month. Participating winery (or food purveyor, if applicable, none in the radar as of yet but you never know!) will agree to significant discounts AND immediate shipping so that notes can be posted on Wine Talk and in the MC-only forum, then another bunch of orders once early adopters have tried the wines. You might see it mentioned in Wine Talk tasting notes, so I just wanted to let you all know what’s up.

We’ve launched our first, not with a Newbie, just to get the waters warm a bit :slight_smile:

Oh, and any day now I’ll be adding something from one of our two favorite BerserkerDay Butchers - a limited offer, something they’ve not done before. Those are always fun, and they sell out SO fast.

Been meaning to sign up for MC. Thanks for the reminder.

Alright, you got me on the “one of our two favorite BD butchers - a limited offer” pushed me over the edge to upgrade! Looking forward to seeing what MC is all about.

Most of the past offers are listed there as well - have fun looking at what you missed, knowing you won’t again!

(also, by the way, I do send out a Monopole Cru-wide PM for all new threads/offers, so you don’t miss them)

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Ok, I’m about to launch a TRIO of amazing offers on Monopole Crü this weekend.


  • Big-name Burgundy (including mags and verticals!) with savings of $60 - $261 PER BOTTLE/MAG

  • California library cab offer from BerserkerDay favorite

  • Ridiculous discounts on Norlin bags (something 85% off)

    All three in this trio are extremely limited, with only a few of each on most, up to 2 dozen of some of the Burgundy offers.

Now’s the time to join if you haven’t already. I’ll be announcing this with a Monopole Crü-wide private message, and, as with ALL limited MC-only offers, it will be gone in hours. There are always the complaining posts thereafter on how work got in the way, how someone perhaps didn’t check email in time and missed out, etc. You’ll see them if you join, as those posts/threads are all in the Monopole Crü forum that you’ll gain immediate access to (and where these deals will be posted).

OH, and the ‘bonus’ extra offer of a discount on Wine Advocate annual subscriptions [berserker.gif]

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What is the discount on Wine Advocate subscriptions and how does one get it?

It will be posted this weekend, unless you need it sooner, if so, PM me

If we already paid 30 to get into Grand Cru, is it just an additional 70 to get into Monopole Cru? Or 100? Thanks.

You pay the adjusted/prorated amount based on the difference of what you paid, and how much is left in the year before your existing membership expires, very efficient

Thanks for this great benefit, Todd. Sure makes it easy to want to provide a little extra support to you and this board.

For those who love Flannery (as we do, and I presume by their BerserkerDay sales numbers a whole heckuva lot of Berserkers do) there’s about to be a crazy good offer dropping tomorrow (Wednesday Nov 23) at 10 am Pacific. Katie is wanting some beta testers on their new site prior to public launch and will be dropping a HUGE discount for those who wish to ‘help’ them iron out the kinks. By looking at my average Flannery order, suffice it to say that this discount would pay for a MC membership in one order…

Will be posted directly to the Monopole Cru only forum, which is accessible to those IN Monopole Cru, obviously. Katie will be posting directly as I presume there will be questions on the discount(s) as well as giving feedback about the site.

Also, for Monopole Cru, soon I’ll be running the BerserkerDay 14 Newbies tasting assignments again - looking for those who have good participation here (among the MC membership, those who volunteer for this) to be tasters for the Newbies, so you can post your thoughts/notes on BerserkerDay, helping those who don’t yet have the exposure to get some on the craziest online wine commerce day of the year. That will all be posted (signup form, etc) in December, giving us plenty of time for the Newbies to ship the wine/goods to each of two MC members assigned to that Newbie.

(To join Monopole Cru, you can click the three lines up top, click Memberships)