That and Roberta Reserve from Kap would be the two I would think.

Does anyone know what the price will be for the new release? (hopefully unchanged!)

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No clue… hoping but doubt it will be the same since they lost 100% of 2020 juice.

A raise will likely have me out; already priced high for a new wine.

While there was a lot of inflation, I think it would be pretty… bold to raise the prices on just the second vintage when the wine already debuted at a price point that was hard for many to swallow, especially for a brand new wine with no track record (despite the wonderful team). They know their business much better than I do, so maybe a price hike will be just what they need, but it would be somewhat surprising from my outside perspective.

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I emailed Angela & she said the price will remain the same but the cost of shipping will not be included. Still $975/3pk OWC.


That makes sense and sounds fair.

Agree, very fair.

I already ask, & she agreed, to hold a 3 pack of the merlot & when released, a 3 pack of the cab for me. Both 18 wines were great when I tasted them at Wheeler Farm last summer & all the 19s I have tasted are at least as good & will be earlier drinking.

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Did you taste the 19 Las Posadas?

Release live:

2019 Impensata Ecotone Vineyard Merlot 3 x 750mL
Presented in a 3pk custom wood box.

We proudly source our Merlot from the Ecotone Vineyard, the legendary vineyard formerly known as Thorevilos, located near the base of Howell Mountain in Napa Valley. Like the movements of a ballet dancer, our 2019 Ecotone Vineyard Merlot has long, graceful lines exhibited with precision, supported by a powerfully sophisticated and structured core. Full of personality with juicy ripe red and black plum, blood orange, and ripe cherry gingered with crushed violet, bay leaf, dried sage, anise, and bittersweet chocolate. Energetic, enduring, and wildly sensual, this wine is as classic as classic gets - built to last and best enjoyed with patience, either in a decanter or after time spent in the cellar. 229 cases produced.


Going to taste Impensata again, about a year since my first time. This is probably the most exciting project out of Napa.

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seems insanely priced for a Napa Merlot. I could find a ton of Pomerol and St Emilion that are a guaranteed home run for less than that price. Now if you are gong to tell me this is at the Petrus/Lafleur or even Cheval Blanc level, I’m all ears.

Has anyone had a better domestic Merlot or Merlot blend? I haven’t

I have tasted their 2018 Merlot. Not sure if the price tag justifies the quality of the wine just like many others produced in the area; however, It was pretty decent and clearly is among the best domestic Merlot-based wines. If Impensata can rival those great Bordeaux houses like Petrus, Lafleur, or Cheval Blanc, I would call Impensata one of the best bargains in Napa Valley. Those three all cost far above Impensata so I don’t think you’re making a fair comparison here.

There are years where Figeac and VCC come out as futures at a similiar price (or cheaper, in other years). Does this compete?

Can’t compare this to Pomerol wines as the overall profile is different - and they are going more towards a Masseto with US twist. Also there is the mountain fruit and different terrior that builds the underlying profile Vs say a blue clay small hill with a vastly different climate. Same way that a left bank doesn’t compare to a Napa Bordeaux blend … but love them equally for different reasons.

I do prefer merlot based wines and am excited for this to be successful- I know they build them, like Nigel does, with structure and therefore needing time but will do my best to determine quality.

Last note. If you like Kinsman Eades or Bella Oaks- these are roughly the same price but with Merlot - and around the world the top Merlot based wines are at an exponential premium to their Cabernet counterparts.

All 5 first grows Vs Petrus, Le Pin, Lafluer, etc et

VCC is a personal favorite and as pointed out at a much better price point than the above- would be awesome if Impensata is in that same orbit. Can’t wait!