I'm shocked at myself

I just realized that for the first time in memory, I have gone 7 months without purchasing anything off a mailing list. I can hardly believe it.

I don’t know whether to feel really good or really sad. I used to have such fun buying off lists. Then I would kinda get angry with myself for overbuying from said lists.

Anyone else not buying off lists and feel conflicted? Anyone not buying off lists at all?

Are you particularly upset about not buying a particular offer?

If i had to pick one…I didn’t buy Kutch, something I was planning on doing and forgot to do and will probably rectify. I sometimes get nostalgic over Carlisle and R-M.

But it was more a revelation of how seriously my buying has changed. I used to buy a lot of my wine through mailing lists, and always enjoyed the process. While I certainly knew that I had pared that back over time, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t bought anything from a list this year, which was quite shocking to me.

To answer the two questions, no and yes, since I never really did.

Never been on a winery mailing list - rather feels like never having taken up smoking as you see the struggles friends have giving it up.

Kinda how I started. Visited friends in Sonoma at did the tour thing with them, got hooked, wine clubs…mailing lists…and so on.

I am now smoke-free for two and alf years, too. champagne.gif