If you use off site storage-what are you paying?

considering some off site storage, probably in NYC. If you have it, what are you paying? I am out of town so immediate access is not necessary, but appropriate conditions/safety/security is.



here in l.a. area…i pay little less than $10 per case a year…i think they are the cheapest in town.

Located in OC. Paying about $25-30 per case/yr.

I’d do what Rick’s doing, but… convenience.

My local shop in Bakersfield charges 12 cases for $24 a month up to 48 cases $96 a month. Of course you can buy multiples of 12 and how ever many you want :slight_smile:

I’m also in OC, paying roughly $13 per case per year by the nominal number of cases the locker holds. Based on the actual amount of wine I have in there (the locker is not currently full), it’s closer to $20/case/year.

I’m in the OC as well, and if my poor math is correct based on how many bottles vs yearly cost; about $14/case.

Storage site is in the greater Boston area. Roughly $16/case/year.

About $20a year per case. But I use tubes so it’s not terribly space efficient.

Indianapolis: roughly $16/case/year

where i stored my wine is cheap but not convenient for all…not open on monday and tuesday. and their hours are little rough. 11am to 7pm on weekday and noon to 6pm on weekend i think.

About $25 per case yearly.

Friend of mine in NYC area pays around $28 per case .

Greater Sacramento area - my underground storage is about $1000/yr - I think its a 6 x 8 x 9 space.

I basically view it as costing a $1/btl/yr.

Elevators, attendants, and some security but price doesn’t include insurance.

Access is generally during business hours plus weekend hours.

Many local restaurants use the place as well.

$24 per case per year ($2/mo) in NYC area.

Do enemies pay less? neener

Guys in the OC where are you guys getting prices for 10-15 a case? I couldn’t find anything close to those prices - currently paying ~$30 a case from Legend Cellars (Unless you guys have something like 50-100 cases so the cost is averaged down)

I am at Wine Cellar Club in irvine and have a combo of long term and regular access lockers. The long term ones really bring the overall cost average down and are great for those things you know you won’t get to for a period.

In the NYC area pricing typically depends on total volume. For 100 plus cases (up to 150 I think) I now pay $24.96 per case per year, but that doesn’t include certain labor charges for inventory management. Last year I paid a little less, and if I had committed to a 2-year contract, it also would have been a little less.

To reduce your cost below roughy this neighborhood of pricing in the NY area, you need to go to Westchester or CT AFAIK. For convenience issues I haven’t done that.

Since Chelsea Wine Storage increased their pricing and effectively drove many of us out in late 2016, there isn’t any good option to store in Manhattan IMO.

Only if they own. If they rent , they pay more .

Paying $18 / case / year in Bay area