If you repsond to TN on another board, do you here, too?

I’m just asking?
[taunt.gif] [beatoff.gif] [beatoff.gif] [beatoff.gif]

Sure…why not…there are people who only look at one board, so if you post only on one then a whole new topic/subject might be missed.

I was asking about responding to a TN, not starting a thread. Play along, Bowden.
I just responded to Don’s Alesia’s note, came here, saw the same thread. do I respond again. Same exact response? Kinda dorky, no? [beatoff.gif] [beatoff.gif] [beatoff.gif]

“Kinda dorky, no?”

No, dorky would be writing a software 'bot that would do it for you…

There are other boards? [shrug.gif] :wink:

Dennis…do as you wish…just know that I can find out where you live :wink:

And that’s not James Gandolfini in Bowden’s avatar…

Jus’ sayin’

I just did 2004 Lascombes.

I’ll Call Levine.

No, that would be geeky!

Gotta run, I’m going to ask the same question on another board. Make sure you all come and respond. Be creative. [tease.gif] [drinks.gif]


Even less, I do not reply on “shipping” threads as much as I used to. There was a thread once … somewhere … a guy said his wine was delivered to his home instead of his office and he ORDERED his wife to put the wine immediately indoors in the cellar. I can see as how some wine geeks would totally admire that as being proactive … but I asked, “What, you didn’t ask her politely?” My comment was swept downstream in the dark recesses of the spring flash floods, while the wine recipient was virtually massaged, high-fived and bottom-spanked by his internet buddies …

I have a feeling that guy’s comment would not go unremarked on THIS board. [berserker.gif]

PS. Mel, love the avatar. We have to get together at a bonfire and spit Tequila into the flames.

I might but being that my responses often never make it through regardless of content I don’t see the point. [beatoff.gif]

I get ya Dennis, I probably wouldn’t do it.


I will usually respond to one or the other, but not both.

same here

I’m livin’ the dream with you on this one…

My dilemma is on how many boards to post TN.

Luckily this board is all inclusive and free of any cliques…