If I make paella in a cast iron skillet on the Weber grill....

Will I get that tasty crispy bottom layer of rice?

Maybe but I think you need a thin pan to really get that fun crusty bottom.

yes I do it. I make the sofrito inside though and then bring the pan out to the grill. be careful when you bring it in, it charred a wooden cutting board because the bottom was so hot.

and remember after adding the rice and liquid and stirring it all together do not stir again. Make sure you move the pan over the burner or grill so the Socorat cooks evenly.

Well said. Although I still think a “thin” pan is essential to getting a good crust - btw, we make a lot of paella…

Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a try in cast iron and let you know the results.


It worked beautifully! Nice crust on the bottom and sides. I still think I’ll get a paella pan because there are other disadvantages to using cast iron, I discovered, but overall a really nice outcome.

What did you put in yours? We usually do chicken & sausage, but have done various types of seafood.

Last night, we used lobster, shrimp, chorizo, clams, and mussels. No chicken or rabbit. I am lucky to live pretty close to both The Spanish Table and Mutual Fish (the best seafood shop in Seattle, IMO), which helped make the paella pretty good.

I took a Paella cooking class recently. We made a land paella and a sea paella. The Sea Paella won hands down!! :slight_smile:

Oh man, that sounds good!

Not familiar with Mutual Fish; where is it located?

Mutual Fish is located on Rainier Ave. S., in what I guess would be called Rainier Valley. Not a great neighborhood, and a very unassuming storefront. Really great quality – the best I’ve had around Seattle not counting the various seafood feasts at Steve Saxon’s house…