Ideal wines to bring to a Le Paulee or a large off line tasting

I am just reaching out to solicit thoughts on what are the ideal wines as far as age and varietal to bring to a Le Paulee or a large off line that will show well and not get lost in the shuffle? If you were asked to bring a great wine to an event with 20 others, what would you bring?

Depends entirely on what everyone else is bringing.

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That’s kind of a complicated question, but generally for La Paulee, I tend to shy away from producers that make more delicate wines (Mugneret Gibourg being the most obvious), as the wines can get lost when sharing around the room. If you want to drink wines like that, plan to open them early in the night while you and others still have their wits.

I also tend to bring wines that will lend themselves to getting other kick ass wines shared in your glass. Not that there is anything wrong with Jadot Clos Vougeot, it’s just unlikely to get some La Tache poured back your way. It also doesn’t have to be the most expensive wine in the room, but it should be something that will make people stop and say “hey, I’ll pour you some DRC RSV to let me try that”.


It depends on the event, really. My general advice would be:

  1. Bring large formats if you can. More pours to go around, more fun and you get to meet more people.
  2. I agree with Ian, though might put it differently - these events are about sharing. Bring something you would want to share.
  3. At a Paulee like event, ideally go with friends. When I go, I only do it anymore if I am sitting with friends (not because I know what they’re bringing, but because the event is a lot more fun that way).
  4. Finally, depends on how you plan to participate at the event. You can either walk around to look for your friends or what other people have at their tables, or you can sit at your table and let things come to you. If you’re going to be strategic about it, walking around with a more recognizable bottle will be a lot easier. If you mostly plan on sitting where you are, that matters less - you’ll get poured the wines from the people next to you. I tend to walk around, so I also tend to bring extra bottles - always fun to see friends and producers that I know.
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That’s interesting to me - I’ve never thought of it this way and have often brought relatively delicate wines (Fourrier, Mugnier, etc.). Gibourg is one of my largest holdings of red Burgundy and I absolutely love the wines, but I don’t think of them as particularly delicate - they’re relatively extracted and see quite a bit of oak (sexy oak - not too far way from Cathiard in their youth sometimes). Their Feusselottes isn’t easily confused with Bertheau’s Chambolle! YMMV, of course :slight_smile:


I have not been to Paulee or giant events but for 10-30 person events I like to bring nice bottles that can be a refreshing change from theme. This is of course if approved or in addition to an in theme bottle. Large format Champagne or dry Riesling like a Keller GG are usually most welcome even when drinking great burgundy or first growth Bordeaux or cult Cali. Large formats always preferred if possible. FWIW

Interesting. I have not been to the Paulee dinners but I have been to many grand tastings and pretty much year in and year out my favorite producer there has been Mugneret-Gibourg.

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The Grand Tasting is easier since you can “plot your course”, and be sure to hit the wines you want to, and when you want to as well.

For the Gala dinner, it’s totally random. You never know who you are going to run into, and what they might have to share.

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You will have a wonderful time Mont. Large formats for sharing are great. The experience to me is always who your dining/seating partners are at the time. Enjoy!