I wipe my ass with 100 dollar bills! - 2008 Hourglass Estate

I just can’t help posting about my first high end 2008 Cali Cab - I plan on hitting some others in the near future. I think Roy Piper made a positive comment on this wine somewhere along the way. Right out of the bottle this was a showing a little alcohol. But about an hour into it it gets a lot better - a whole lot better. The wine is now a bit warmer than cellar temp - 65 degrees F. There is just this tremendous dark fruit with perfect oak - it is just a little candied. Lingering soft tannins. This wine is a bit slutty but in a classy way - think low cut Armani dress with 4 inch heels - maybe a little tat on the back - for me it hits a certain spot. Ripe - but not too ripe. This is a great Cali Cab - some may castigate it - wane for the days of lower alcohol wines with more acidity. I am not looking for that tonight - this may not be the type you bring home to mom but so what!

Wipe away. I would. (don’t tell my wife)
100 dollar bills huh? (I remember that post too)

Is this the Estate or Blueline?

Stylistically, I lean to the Blueline.
Both are nice.

This is the 08 Estate - I really liked the Blueline in 06 but felt that it wasn’t quite as good as the Estate in the 07 vintage. I agree with Mike - both are nice.


Wipe away, Ben will print more…and more…and more…

In 08, I preferred the Estate. Both fine wines, but on the day I had them, the Estate was my preference.

Best thread title ever. (or at least this week)

Since I jst bouth the cab and the blue line, I am a slutty, happy camper with a clean tush. Greatest description of the year. Bravo!!