I Pulled A Dr/VP Dietz! 2001 Arcadian Pisoni

I recall Dr/VP Dietz talking about popping some Arcadian Pisoni thinking it was something else.

2001 Arcadian Pinot Noir Pisoni Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (1/4/2010)
As the evening was nearing its end, my wife said, “more wine”, so I grabbed a bottle of the 2005 Arcadian Sleepy Hollow Syrah. Pop and pour … and think, wow this is very different. What is going on here. Well I poured some glasses, grabbed the other wine i was drinking and went on about my business. Later I walk by the bottle of wine and see “2001”. Then I see Pisoni. At that price range this is not a “close out the night wine” for me. I pour myself a little glass and slap the cork back in it.

My friends know that I don’t get the Pisoni mystique. There are occasionally nice wines but the price is way out of whack. This bottle though, hmmm this was a very nice wine. Enjoyable cola and spice on the nose. The finish really grabbed me with its intensity. The wine kept its balance and even showed complexity which is so rare in SLH. The main SLH distinctive that this wine left out was the blousy, fat, round mid palate. A wonderful wine over 2 nights. Still overpriced but the juice is rockin. (92 pts.)

Been on an Arcadian kick the last few nights. Right now I am sipping the 06 Sleepy Hollow Pinot.



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I see you’re drinking Arcadian. Is that 'cause you think you’re fat? Because you’re not. You could be drinking Patricia Green if you wanted to.

One of the Berserkerfest II events was an ‘open house’ at Arcadian, and the current vintage (2006?) of Arcadian Pisoni Pinot Noir is a whopping $96.00 or something like that. For a 750ml bottle!

Good memory. Family was over for Christmas, I think. They like wine but they don’t know wine and as long as it is in their glass, they will drink it. And quickly. So, I had a couple of bottles of the 2004 Arcadian Gold Coast that were sub-$20 and thought, “fine, this will be something that will taste good for all of us,” but it wouldn’t be under-appreciated.

We are drinking and both my wife and I look at each other and she says, “wow, this is good,” and me, “and really good for one of the entry level Arcadians.” The bottle goes down quickly, so I figure I need to get another one. Back into the kitchen I go, and I look at the first bottle and yep, it’s a 2004, but nope, it’s not the Gold Coast. It’s a freaking Pisoni, which was NOT sub-$20!! And 1 of only 2 that I have!

Now I have a dilemma. Do I now open the Gold Coast, which may not be as good, or do I open my last 2004 Pisoni? F’ it. I open the other Pisoni… and it too was delicious… so… there you are. And some good Karma came my way, because I was able to restock on those 2001 Pisonis at a nice price.

By the by, Jason, I have 1/2 a mag of the 2001 Arcadian Pisoni we can pop sometime…

Here’s my tasting note…

  • 2004 Arcadian Pinot Noir Pisoni Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (1/8/2008)
    Opened by mistake for a family dinner. In fact, opened the only two bottles I have of this!! Perfect really. Great elegance, not showing in any way 15.9% alc. Nice cherry/cola/baking spice flavors and aroma on a leanish frame that carries itself well with acidity that is linked to the fruit in a seamless way that simply made this a wonderful to have with somewhat blackened mahi mahi and spaghetti in a cream and chile poblana sauce. One of those near perfect moments. (93 pts.)

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current release is the 2006 ($62). the 2005 ($95) is the one that was open at the Open House: imo, it’s worth every single penny: Ashley and I bought two of ‘em b/c I couldn’t stand only having one the cellar. What Joe does with Pisoni fruit is nothing short of stunning.

Um, isn’t 1/2 a mag a standard 750ml bottle? LOL

I actually KNEW you would say this… no… the other 1/2 of the mag belongs to Gerry Frayer. I guess we actually will have to pop the whole mag though, which I’m looking forward to doing soon.

Hopefully u pop it sooner than 2015…