I need an advice with my home made cocktail

Hello everyone,
I have a question about a cocktail I make and I have been selling for parties and people who request it. It is a rum cocktail, a kind of eggnog, but I do not use eggs on its preparation, and I notice that is a good thing because people like more the flavor I get, and actually they want to buy me more.
I started this as a project on one of my Marketing classes when I was studying, and we had to create a product that could be sold and give us profits, so I became with this idea, and it works.
My question is, that is someone knows or someone could give me an advise of what to do because I am interested of selling.

Thanks for you answers.

Open a bar and sell all the cocktails you want

There are lots of contract fillers who will blend and bottle craft spirits. I would start with one of those. They can give you all the guidience you need. From there it’s lots of hard work getting sales and distribution. Expect it to take years, not months.
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Careful who you give the recipe to.