I need a 3-Pack OWC shipper - please help

Not sure if this is supposed to be here but does anyone in San Francisco, CA area have a 3-pack OWC shipper that they want to get rid of? This usually is like some custom foam insert used to hold the OWC in the middle of the cardboard shipping box like. Typical one if Scarecrow 3-pack shippers.

I have one…in Seattle. It’s yours if you want to pay the shipping to SF.

Thanks a bunch, would love to do this. I can Paypal you the funds in advance but not really sure how much will this be. Not in a rush so USPS would be fine. Was this shipper for a Scarecrow 3 pack?

I will do some calculations later night and see the cost using USPS, but are you OK with dropping it of at a USPS office?


  • Joel

It was for either scarecrow or schrader. It’s one of the big, square, flat cardboard boxes that has two Inserts to hold the 3btl wood box.

No problem dropping off at USPS (or ups/Fedex). All are convenient for me. If you get a shipping cost that is acceptable to you, I’m happy to drop off/send to you. PayPal is great!

Oh ya, it will leave from 98136



If this isn’t a big rush, I should have one for you locally. Gimme a couple days to check the storage at home and my offsite. Is this specifically for a Scarecrow OWC?



Thanks guys, really appreciate it. I will probably need it sometime next week (between 26-30). Its is specifically for the scarecrow 3-pack.

Joel, I have a 3 pack Scarecrow box I can UPS to you tomorrow unless you want to come up and grab it. Do you need a specific vintage?

Thanks Cary,

I am looking for the cardboard and foam insert shipper for the Scarecrow 3-pack only, not the actual OWC.

Joe, just sent you a PM with my mobile. Got the shipper for you.



I have a 3 pack OWC of 2013 Penfolds if any of you are interested here in the Bay Area. Or if someone would be nice enough to just buy the 3 bottles I’d give the OWC and the inside packing if willing to pick up in San Francisco. Just a thought but if i find one or get sell my bottles out of the OWC i’ll let you know. Message me if anyone is interested.

Thank you