I’m Not a Fan of Sweet Potato, but . . .

I received a bag of them in our farm box today. Does anyone have any preparation ideas that don’t involve sugar, honey, maple syrup, deep frying or marshmallows? I’m thinking of roasting them off, but I thought I’d tap the hive mind for other ideas

Are you sure you are not my husband in disguise?

I treat them like a potato and usually bake. A little butter and S & P

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Peel and then cut into wedges or large wide fries. Toss in olive oil, black pepper and fresh thyme. Roast in the oven at 450


Personally, I’d compost them, but that likely isn’t an answer you are seeking. Good luck; the only edible sweet potato dish is pie. IMO, of course.

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Sweet potato or yams ?? Either way I’d oven bake/roast them, but the seasoning would be a little different for each .

Sweet potato. Thanks for the input so far (I lean towards the compost suggestion), but I’m leaning to a Sichuan treatment at this point. I personally need a distraction from the sweet. Love to hear any more ideas that anyone may have

Maybe treat like a butternut squash and do a bacon, onion & sweet potato risotto?

I did that (standard baked potato treatment) up until about 20 or 30 years ago. Then they became (were bred to be) so obnoxiously sweet on their own that they are inedible.

I liked them baked as a healthier alternative to potatoes as they are interesting enough on their own as a side dish without a whole bunch of butter or salt. We love them just baked as is.

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Pray tell, how is a sweet potato healthier than a potato?

You can also season them with a spicy rub, and squeeze some lime juice on at serving time to cut the sweetness.

Similar. Cut them into wedges, but we leave the skin on. Lightly oil, put some spice on them, a grill alongside a steak.

It is the glycemic index. GI is a number associated with a relative rise in blood glucose 2 hrs after eating, the lower the GI, the better. Sweet potatoes have a low GI (under 55) where as white and yellow potatoes have a high GI (over 70). Sweet potatoes are more complex carbohydrate where as potatoes are pure starch. Starch in the body converts rapidly to glucose (sugar essentially). Sweet potatoes are in the low GI group like veges and many fruits. Where as white / yellow potatoes unpeeled are in the medium group and peeled are in the same group as sugar, HFCS, white rice, etc. also you only get credit for the peel if you eat it. So baked potato scooped out is peeled unless you eat the skin.


Also sweet potatoes have more of some micronutrients, like Vitamin A, and have beta carotene and a few other compounds that are considered healthy. White potatoes are lower in sugar and calories and slightly higher in protein. It all depends on what matters to you.

My husband won’t eat them, except in Japan, so it doesn’t matter one way or another in our house.

Ummm… without all the butter and salt, they are interesting enough to eat without. But I repeat myself.

I’m from the south. South Alabama. We raise them locally and there is an outstanding variety we get from Louisiana.
They were a savior when I was just starting to be able to eat again as I could mash them dip proteins in them and get the protein down. But even before that I learned to like them once moving away from “traditional” southern preparations.
We like them baked simply then a little butter, green onion and blackening seasoning sprinkled in.
I love fried sweet potato chips with a lemon Aioli. Sunset Pointe Restaurant serves these as an appetizer which I get every time we go. (with cocktails)
Country Club could always tell when I was in the house, Fried Chicken, sweet potato fries with blackening seasoning. Same order every Friday.
A Thanksgiving favorite is mashed with chipotles. You can either steam them or bake. Mashed with butter cream, chopped chipotles in adobo dress with green onions. I like to do a maple butter drizzle but you can omit that if you like.
If you look in the what did you cook last night thread, you will see them baked. Face down on foil then turn over, add Jalops, green onion and Gruyere. Those go on the egg on the foil to finish roasting/smoking and melting the cheese. Outstanding.
I make an outstanding gratin of Kohlrabi and Sweet potato. Slice and shingle heavy cream top with parm/gruyere bake in a relatively hot oven until tender bubbly and brown.
I have also sliced them tossed with olive oil and grilled. Pretty simple and delish.
I added some photos one of an outstanding restaurant dish roasted local chicken, chimi churri with a sweet potato hash and spicy tortillas on top and my Gruyère topped smoked.
Have the sweet potatoes been aged or are they fresh?


Preheat oven to 400f. Peel, sliced into 1” thick discs, or lengthwise into 1” slabs. Place in microwavable dish on a slight touch of salt and oil. Nuke till almost tender. Remove. Sprinkle lightly with an equal blend of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Add a sprinkle of salt. Optionally, add a slight touch of sugar, and the thinnest possible touch of butter (always with butter for me). Bake about 20 minutes till lightly browned.

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I love this recipe Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Fresh Figs Recipe | Epicurious

Just leave out the sugar or use a pre-made sugar free balsamic glaze.

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