I know it’s not “the market” but damn Burgundy pricing…

Yes indeed. Especially when you venture outside the Côte d’Or and start to really explore Rully, Givry, Pouilly Fuisse, Mercurey, the Maconnais etc etc. Even Chablis. There is a lot of proper, delicious, soulful Burgundy in those parts for less than $70 and mostly for less than $50.


Shocker. They still have 2 of the 3 bottles available…

Exactly RyanC. I just bought a case of Domaine Jessiaume 2022 Santenay Premiere Cru Gravieres Rouge for $45.00 Bottle and it’s freaking delicious.


Lamy Caillat is Stellar … That said I recently drank a 2022 Walter Scott X Novo next to a 2020 Lamy Caillat Cailleret blind. The race is much closer than you’d think…

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No doubt when they are that young! We had the 20 Caillerets recently and it needs at least a couple of years to settle down and fill out.

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I am scared to pop my X novos at this age.