I have had longer meals at In n Out Burger!

Last night, I went to Tarry Lodge with Wifee. First time at Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s new place in Port Chester NY. We had a 9:15 res, got there at 9 pm, and got seated immediately, which was great. We shared an appetizer (pizza) that arrived at about 9:20, 2 entrees shortly thereafter and a btl of 2005 Moccagatta Barbaresco Bric Balin ($110) throughout the meal and we had our check at 10 pm, no exaggeration. When we got the check, they said, “take your time.”

Food was good, they DO NOT ALLOW CORKAGE, but the service is VERY VERY VERY rushed. About 2 minutes after the appetizer plates were cleared, I was staring at my entree.

Back home at about 10:20.

I was $230 poorer.

Sounds very, um… efficient?

No Slow Food there I guess. I hate places like that. Stuff your face, leave, go to sleep…not good.


I thought you do the In n Out Burger all night long? [diablo.gif]

I have had meals like this, and then to add irony, when you go to pay, you can’t get anyone to take the check! [shrug.gif]

You can literally wait as long in the “Restaurant Black Hole” as it took to do the rest of the dining experience combined. I never understand it - if they were in such a rush to get you out the door, wth happened? [whistle2.gif]

Side bar for a moment, I am glad to see so many donors here. I am sending some more money this week.

Well, how was your drink?

Yeah - you need to justify this being in Wine Talk rather than the backwater of Epicurean Exploits [rofl.gif]

Me too! I won that Mag on a $5 donation!
Time to step it up a bit
But I’m no 'baller…

2005 Moccagatta was a very nice wine. I enjoyed it immenselt. My wife that it was lacking on the finish. I was gearing up for the soon to be released 2006s, which I am a huge fan of.

My 7-year old writes better than this drivel. Step it up, Posner, English is the only language you’ve got.

Your 7 year old probably has a better palate than me as well, I am not used to writing tasting notes, as I was not allowed before.

I am slowly getting into it.

Buy 2006 Moccagattas, that is my rec, not 2005!

What about 2004?


Dan I am certain that you can just as quickly get the $230 back by posting a low priced buy buy buy shill like Max did. I am here to help. [notworthy.gif]
It works every time. Maybe you can even pick a wine that your boy mini me palate especially likes. [whistle2.gif]

Obviously, the 7 y/o didn’t go to Tarry Lodge. [haha.gif]

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I hate a rushed meal. Let me chew. Let me breathe. Let me talk. The best meal is one where you never notice the pace, food appears, conversation is fun, you have a good time, wines evolve. If I want to eat in 10 minutes and chase the kids I will eat at home.

Daniel - I’ll admit to not reading your initial post very thoroughly so I’ll ask this…did you feel rushed? If not, then probably not that big of a deal although I do hate spending a lot of money and let’s face it $100 per person is a lot of money for a meal, and being done in 45 minutes. Just don’t feel like I got to really sit, enjoy, think, savor, etc.

It’s a tough distinction it seems between feeling rushed and a meal that takes forever…


Very rushed.

When the entrees came out, we looked at each other, like “wow.” There was no time to breathe.

Often times, my wife and I will go through two btls of wine at a meal at a nice restaurant. Here we barely finished one.

Daniel - I kind of thought so based upon your posting your experience. That stinks. We had that happen recently at a restaurant we love and I felt a little cheated that we got “dressed up” for dinner out then 45 minutes later were on the way home.

Vegas In-N-Out Burger was around five hours with thirteen people.