I hate to admit it but.......I liked it!

A few weeks ago, I was in a grocery store looking for some cooking wine. They had Barton & Gutestier Cab Sauvignon Private Selection 2005 vin de pays d’Oc for $5, so I got a bottle. Of course I tried it–very drinkable! Smooth, balanced, goes down easy, if not so very interesting.

When I was there again the other day, they had some CA wines (Tisdale) 3 for $10.

Opus One for me as well and I really wanted to hate on a 95 Screaming Eagle that was pretty impressive.

Someone teach Serge how to play this game…

Any relation to his Sori Tildin? neener


Tilden beat Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote. It’s my favorite Sotry.

Okay it was 1976 and I was 17 in Montreal with my girlfriend and we ordered a bottle of Mateus Rose at a restaurant and then…
…well I liked it. flirtysmile

Recently there has been a Paso Robles white they sell at Trader Joes, I forget the name, it’s mostly SB with some Semillion and goes for about $6 or $7 bucks and I think it’s pretty damn tasty. The latest vintage (2008) isn’t quite as good but it’s still pretty good.

I kissed a Merlot and I liked it? Hmm, maybe once, but it was only for curiosity’s sake…

I kissed a Merlot once but I won’t tell. Never neener neener !

you obviously don’t know serge

Robert Foley wines seem to have taken a beating lately. I had the 2005 Robert Foley Merlot the other week and liked it. pepsi

+1 on the Mumm Napa

Chateau St Michelle Chard. splintery but not that bad at a party


1996 Sine Qua Non Against the Wall, USA, California, Central Coast - CellarTracker" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

95 median points is nothing to be ashamed about

This is going back almost 20 years ago (before I started drinking wine) when my wife had her first job out of college working for Gallo. Gallo Hearty Burgundy. Yup.

At a party with a non-wine geek group on a hot day had a Meridian Chard served right out of the ice chest-not bad.

For situations like the above my goto white the last couple of years has been the Chateau S. Michelle Riesling-cheap at $6-7 a bottle and very versital.