I Feel So Unclean...

I feel so unclean…just sent in my renewal for my WS subscription. One…more…time. I am, of course, a charter subscriber
from the first days of Bob Morrisey when it was a worthwhile/quality publication in tabloid newspaper format. Not a glossy/lifestyle publication.
My subscription expires w/ the first issue in March & they start sending me renewals back in October. I always wait to the
final issue notice because they include a pre-stamped return envelope.
But every year at this time, I always ask myself if it’s worth it. And I usually cave in & renew. I am such a wuss!!

If you want to feel outright filthy (some people are into that sort of thing, no judgment), try buying a full price subscription to the Wine Enthusiast.

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I was hoping you were going to say you just enjoyed some dirty Loire cab franc. That would have tickled my fancy, and other places as well.

I feel your pain… honestly I do. If I couldn’t get the mag for free (which I do), I would not pay for it. You are not a wuss, but you need to quit sending them your hard earned money. Cheers!

I still pick up about 6 issues a year at .99 apiece at the local used book store. Bordeaux, Oregon, and around the Tuscan review period.

I thought it was going to be a rant about “clean” wines.

I had subscribed for a couple years at really good rates. When it ran out at the end of 2020 I tried renewing online 2-3 times. It kept renewing me as digital and even when they said it was corrected I still never got any. So I gave up.

Full price! Now that is insanity. Aren’t their reviews always free to look at or it seems like they are.

You can subscribe for ~ 3.5 years (45 issues) for $105 if you look at their website carefully when you’re logged into your account when it comes time to renew. I did this in Mar 2019.

Full access to their online review database is separate from the magazine subscription and is $60/year.

Now leaving to take a shower [wink.gif]

We stopped subscribing years ago and they still send us every issue. Likely because they need to be able to sell Ads based on how many “subscribers” they have.

About 3 months ago, they actually started sending us 2 magazines each month, one to me and one to my wife. They go straight into the recycling bin except the Top 100 which I flip through quickly.

They charge?

And here I thought you were going to go on a rampage about you had foot stomped wines or, egads, unfiltered wines where the grapes were not washed before fermenting . . .


Moth to a light, moth to a light…

Mags for miles…been subscribing for “free” for many years now with air miles.

I love reading about wine, wine regions, the people making it, traveling to those regions, pairing food and wine…. I’m too old to pretend I don’t.
Nice article on Andy Erickson & Ann Favia in the current issue.

And the cheese section! I agree. Good Sunday afternoon read.

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given overall level of spend on this part of my life, whatever i have spent on WS (sometimes cash and sometimes mags for miles) is such a drop in the bucket it isnt even worth mentioning