I don't post on message boards

I don’t contribute to message boards. I’ll read a few posts if Google takes me there but I don’t register and participate. I’m low key on my internet presence. I don’t necessarily like the anonymity thing. I don’t really have time for it either.

I realized today that I joined this board one year ago. I then realized that I had posted 400 times or so. What pushed me to this?

I found the WB forum via Google. It turns out that a lot of searches I had on wines of interest brought me here. I then started clicking on threads that weren’t my initial query because the subject grabbed my attention. I kept on reading because of the wealth of information on various topics but also because the overall quality of language of the posts is good. I got sucked in because I had some gnawing questions and I felt this board would be the only place to get complete answers and, it turns out that I wanted to chime in on a few posts as well.

All that to say that the WB community made me participate to a message board and this is no small feat. All of you have contributed to greatly improve my knowledge about wine and some of you have a place in my cellar through your TNs and recommendations. Unfortunately this led to a greater acquisition pace and I believe (I’m not pulling that report from CT!) a hike in the average bottle price of my wines. Call it a trade-off…

So, thank you. Great board, great insight.

To celebrate this anniversary, my wife and I will be going out for dinner tonight. Funniest thing: she thinks this is a too rare date night without the kids! Joke’s on her, right?


Do not tell her that she is just tagging along on Wine-Out, Kids-In Night.

I’ll second this, and it’s a worthwhile trade-off. The WB community has opened my eyes and wallet to new favorites and new producers. It’s funny to say, but it’s also increased my enjoyment and appreciation for wine, too.

Great post!

And it begins…

So are you going to spring the “I need a bigger cellar” on her tonight at dinner or after you get home? champagne.gif

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As an avowed smart aleck, I tend to post without making any contribution



I’ll second that, Phil. The bank account might be slimmer than it otherwise would be, but I’m 10 times the wine lover I was before.


I’ve had a similar experience, Phil. I’ve never been one to post on message boards- this is the one and only board I’ve ever been active on. My first post was December 2020 and I now look at Wine Talk daily. The community has been great fun and very informative. And I have my first offline meetup in just a couple of days- which I am very much looking forward to.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Phil, and thanks to everyone for sharing!

Nice post, thanks for sharing/expressing…
I had similar and joined 9/1/20
so now I need to think about what to open for WB anny

so many things a post wont convey…but somehow I’ve connected with all this wine stuff with a great passion…
its brought myself and my younger brother closer as he works in the industry 20+ years…and we now just chat away…
We had an amazing 5 course pairing meal for our special ladies mothers day weekend…where we did all the cooking , planning etc…such a HIT!
I’m planning a hiking / wine/ pacific coast trip to Oregon next year…I’m placing orders for wines not available to conventional stores…
and some how I have 10 cases pending fall shipment…and 1 case already in 2022
I have already laid out my general plan in place for Berserker day 2022(buy mainly from the active folks)
and the Boss just announced a WB Newbie Day around the corner
so on and so on and so on…very joyful experience

Nice post, Phil. This really is a great community of wine lovers, in my opinion. Sure, it’s the internet, so there’s a good bit of ridiculous nonsense too, but the collective knowledge here, along with a huge amount of generosity with sharing that knowledge and actual wine (offlines will be a regular occurrence again some day) is awesome. I don’t take part at all in any social media or message boards other than this site. I’m happy with that decision, even if I spend a little too much time here.

And this is how people get sucked into dark hole conspiracies… [foilhat.gif]

Several things:

  1. Great clickbait title! That’s all-pro message board stuff right there - wonder who hasn’t clicked this thread once reading the title - it’s brilliant

  2. Get ready to spend more (as Brian Tuite alluded above) on not just wine, but food, knives, travel, you name it. This is a very costly community

Just wait until you have try and justify what QPR means to your spouse.

I’m honestly failing to see how this could be an issue, unless your spouse assumes that wine is free, or nearly so.

What’s the rub?

Ha! Love it: WO-KI night. Please don’t mind if I use that in the future!

Dinner. I already put a Selosse Champagne coiffe in a ring box hidden in my sports jacket. I’ll get down on one knee with the same elegance I use when reaching for my “long term” bottles hidden at the very bottom of my cellar behind wooden cases of stuff that I cannot fit in my overfilled racks. My big city boy twist on it is the “I need another offsite”.

You mean dark hole final state conspiracies, right: “The principle that unitarity must be preserved in all processes, no matter how exotic, has led to deep insights into boundary conditions in cosmology and black hole theory.”[1]. Or the ones where Rudy never left the USA, is living in Graceland and has started counterfeiting old Baudry La Croix Boissée? I can get onboard with both.

I feel a rebranding in the making: WB, WineBourgeoisie.com? Yeah, less catchy…

[1]: B. McInnes, Black hole final state conspiracies, January 2009, Nuclear Physics B 807(1):33-55

When the definition of QPR is at $100. [cheers.gif]

When you explain that you spent $200 for this wine you’re drinking and it’s great QPR because you could have sold it for $500?

Not that there is anything wrong with that. [snort.gif]


I second the props for the title. Very “this statement is false.”

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Well, Phil… I’ve been here from the very start, when Todd was kicked off Parker’s board by Mark Squires for his smart-a$$ behavior
and he started up WineBerserkers. Back in those days, things were much slower then because I had to connect to WB via a USB cable
connected to my punch card reader. But I did manage to get over 10,000 posts and counting.

WB introduced me to Bedrock and Rivers Marie. Bedrock is now the #1 winery in my collection. I am sure there are many others that I read about on here and have cases of now, Di Costanzo, Aubert, etc. Been a good source to learn and make some friends offline to share allocations and wine with.