I am doing e-mails for a new store - The Greene Grape

What’s going on fellow Berserkers?

Dipping my hand back in retail with a store called the Greene Grape. They are on Liberty Street downtown in the Financial District of Manhattan. I am not buying for them as an “official” buyer, instead going with a garagiste style e-mail offer 2-3 times a week of wines I find. The wines will be typical Lyle fare, Loire, Beaujolais, German Riesling +, Austria, interesting California/WA, org/bio/natural, value-burgs, off the beaten track, small production. The whole deal. The e-mails are kind of like a hypothetical blend of Crush, Garagiste, Chambers Street and my own unique spin. Educational, interesting and if you don’t buy, will always be an entertaining read.

You cannot actually sign up for the e-mail list on the website as the website needs some work.

You’ll have to PM me and I’ll add you. Or e-mail me at lwfass@gmail.com

Eventually I’ll do exclusive Berserker specials at silly prices, but only for you guys, as the rules say.

I sent out the first offer today on the 2008 Knebel von den Terrasen Riesling Trocken from the Lower Mosel. I can also forward that e-mail if you would like.

Here is a link to the website . . .but this has no relation to what I am selling. My wines will be special offers and the guys at the Greene Grape are essentially fulfilling my orders. There will be single bottle, 6-bottle and 12 bottle prices for the e-mails.

So I hope some of you sign up as I’ll be tasting and getting some interesting stuff like I used to do.

http://downtown.greenegrape.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thanks Berserkers!

Way to go, Lyle!

Email sent!

No wonder you haven’t been around to talk about Lost. [cry.gif]

All the best, and I will shoot you an email.

So what happened to Seth?

Seth is still there and we are working together.

I do all my LOST talk on FB . . . . .but glad you’ll sign up. There will be good shit.

I promise one will go out soon followed by a steady progression. Some behind the scenes complexities slowing things down.

email sent!


PM sent!

Email sent. Best of luck with this, Lyle.

I’m in. Looking forward to the selections.

I mentioned Lyle’s soon coming emails in the current
“Pretty Disappointed with Garagiste”

All right. First one goes out tomorrow. A great wine for sure. Working out a way to get them out more frequently with the GG. These things start slow in the beginning, but once this gets going the killer wines will be out there. I’ll never send an e-mail unless I 100% believe in the wine.

As for Jon, I have 100% respect for him and what he has done. If I can even be a pimple on the ass of him, I’ll be happy.

Runny, never quite healing sore…

HANES!!! [winner.gif]

PM sent

Email sent. Good luck Lyle!