Husic Vineyard 2005 Cab

Well I’m pretty new to the “wine-world” in WINO terms, but have been enjoying many bottles aimlessly over the past 6 years… About a year ago I went to NYC and enjoyed an amazing meal at Del Frisco’s. I paired my decedent Fillet with a wonderful bottle of 2005 Husic Vineyard Cab.

Being somewhat naive to the true quality/character of this wine i have no idea which other winemakers make a similar cab or possibly an even better one. Below is a good description of what it tasted like, and I would love any suggestions from the many Winos on this forum…" onclick=";return false;

“It is very smooth, lacking of oak, and rather sweet…somewhat of a fruit bomb. Now, I am not adverse to fruit bombs on occasion”.

Thanks in advance and I can’t wait till the time comes and I can bring value to this wonderful forum (for now I will just ask a lot of questions) :wink:

It’s a pretty pricey cab, according to their website, but I’ve never seen it before.

Chris, no experience with the 05 but I was very dissapointed with the 04. It was heavily oaked, that’s all that i remember of the wine. Still have 1 bottle left and it’s was not cheap, the sticker says $99.95.

I was on the Husic list for a bit. Celia Welch/M is the winemaker. The wines are marked by heavy oak and overly ripe fruit. Drink 'em, if you must, young. Age is not kind to them. I speak from experience.

Thanks guys, any suggestions on a similar wine i might enjoy? Looking to pick up a bottle or two for a special evening coming up soon.

I remember years ago when some guy on ebob posted a note and scored Husic 98 points. People went nuts (including me) and I picked up a few bottles.

Not a bad wine but for the money I thought it was not worth it…IMO Husic was a 91 point wine.

Celia’s own label: Corra fits this style. For a few dollars more, you can move up the qualitative scale and try Realm, Alpha Omega & Maybach Materium.