Huntsville, AL

So, I’m going there in a few months for a wedding. Any suggestions for a nice dinner?


Space Camp?

Seriously…Cornutt might know of some places…

There is some decent BBQ joints if I remember correctly but I’m still trying to forget the 3 trips I had to take there for work.

Screw dinner. Rent a guide and go bass fishing on Lake Guntersville.

This would be my suggestion too. [good.gif]
Some great bass fishing.
I don’t know the dining scene there at all.
I will do some searching.

There is a place called Pauli’s Bar and Grill.
Kinda expensive if you ask me but supposedly not bad.
They have a 5 Guys Burger there so you won’t starve.
If you like German food, check out Hildegard’s. That is supposedly pretty good. Mostly sandwiches and brats etc.
Good luck.

When all the German atomic and rocket scientists moved to the US after WW II , they settled in Huntville. The German food is not bad there.