Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan $$$$

Last year’s 2013 was $325 per bottle. The 2014 release today is $400. That’s a 23% increase. Geez Napa. I had initially considered purchasing an allocation when I was on the waiting list, and now that I’m active I just don’t think I can do it.

Too rich for me. I guess my helicopter will never land at Hundred Acre. [swearing.gif]

It is not “Geez Napa.” It is geez Jason Woodbridge. His choice and yours.

Sign of the times. Paul Hobbs bought the vineyard from which more of my initial cabs were sourced, changed the name of the vineyard and started selling the cab from there for over $300. How do you think I felt?

So, wait. Is the thread title the actual new name of the wine? If so, what will the label artwork look like?

I will actually be buying some of my allocation from this. I agree the increase is shocking, but a lot of it has to do with the secondary market. They don’t want others buying from them and flipping it. Harlan does the same thing. If anyone is interested in taking the some or the rest of my allocation, at cost, let me know.