Here comes a classic oriental side dish and perfect with SHAWARMA


Isn’t hummus middle eastern? Where do you get the oriental reference?

I find the best hummus comes from rehydrating chick peas vs. the canned version. Texture is better vs. canned and the aquafaba that occurs.

I guess I watched too many Hollywood movies. haha

Oriental is a rug. [wink.gif]

As for hummus, I like to lightly roast the garlic, takes some of the sharpness out.

SORRY for my lack of geographic knowledge. For me North-Africa, Beirut, Dubai etc. is all oriental like my favorite movies „The English Patient“ or „The Sheltering Sky“

Martin, you are one gracious dude! Differences in native tongues sometimes create misunderstandings. I think you deserve a little leeway, posting here in what I assume is your non native language, and being read by many Americans to make it even tougher. FYI for others, the French term for middle east is moyen-orient.


On the other hand the recipe/food is the star and I hope it is easy to understand the instructions and hopefully it’s delicious. Whatever I call them.

I have never had problems following any of your recipes, except for the parts about “grams” !!! neener


For a different take on hummus, exchange garam masala for the cumin.