HUGE Astrea Caviar BIG TIN Holiday deal! 40% OFF with FREE overnight priority shipping

Hey all!

A couple of the people on WB have asked about any offerings for big tins for the holidays and we are running a promotion right now for our 550g Kaluga and 1.1k Schrenckii!

Use the same sizes that your favorite Michelin Star Restaurants are and get 40% off with code BIGTIN40

550g Kaluga Hybrid (that 2 Michelin Starred Providence and fan favorite Anajak Thai use!)

1.1KG Schrenckii (that 2 Michelin Starred Saison uses!)

40% OFF with code BIG TIN - the largest discount we have ever given just for the holidays.

Please let me know if you have any questions - or email me at

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Cool offers!

Just an fyi, the link to the kilo tin seems to be broken

fixed. Thanks!!!

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